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Shaw Ross International Importers, LLC Launches Danzante Prosecco


This is The First New Release Since the Leading Importer Took Over Representation of Danzante Wines

Miramar, FL – July 5, 2018 – If timing is everything, then Shaw Ross International Importers, LLC has nailed it with the release of Danzante Prosecco. Known for its Pinot Grigio, the addition of this Prosecco adds of bit of sparkle to its portfolio in one of the hottest U.S. wine categories.

“Danzante Prosecco offers a uniquely refined taste profile for the upscale, luxury prosecco drinker,” said Alessandro Bernini, Shaw Ross International Importers, LLC, Italian Portfolio Manager. “It is competitively priced with some of the market leaders and is presented in elegant packaging that will stand out on any shelf.”

Bernini said Danzante Prosecco is made with 100 percent Glera grapes cultivated on the hills of Treviso, the main source of the Prosecco DOC appellation.

“This feature guarantees freshness and aromatics to be typical of high-quality Prosecco,” added Bernini. “The flavor profile is fruity towards tropical aromas, fresh, lively and very well balanced.  Like many proseccos, Danzante is only 11 percent of alcohol so it is easy to have a second glass without being too heavy.”

Bernini said initial shipments have arrived in the states and will be featured at select wine and spirit venues and restaurants.

Shaw-Ross took over representation of the Danzante portfolio in the last quarter of 2017.

About Shaw-Ross International Importers:

Founded in 1968 as a wine and spirit importer representing a handful of brands, Shaw Ross has grown into one of the nation’s leading importers representing 35 suppliers from around the world. Shaw Ross continues to evolve its portfolio to keep ahead of the ever-changing wine and spirit industry for more information go to www.shawross.com.

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