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Domaine Bousquet, Argentina’s Leading Organic Producer, Debuts Bold New Look


Tupungato, Argentina, April 26, 2018 — Domaine Bousquet, Argentina’s premier name in wines made from organic grapes, has given its labels a creative new make-over. The highly successful winery in the vaunted Tupungato sub-region of Mendoza’s Uco Valley, released it first vintage in 2005. Today, family-owned Domaine Bousquet sells over 400,000 cases of wine annually in the U.S. alone.

The restyling reflects a generational shift from French-born founder Jean Bousquet to son-in-law Labid al Ameri and daughter Anne Bousquet, who explains: “The punchier new look better communicates who we are today, along with the sense of energy and vitality attached to being a key player in the young, fast-evolving, super-exciting, emerging wine region of Tupungato.”

The most significant design changes apply to Domaine Bousquet’s best-selling entry-level wines — three reds, three whites and a rosé. Retailing for approximately $13 apiece, these enjoy a notably strong following among a younger generation of wine lovers. A lively depiction the winery in bright pastels replaces the smaller, traditional black-and-white image featured on the labels. The pictured vineyards, winery and Andes Mountains reference Domaine Bousquet’s high-altitude location. The winery tagline, “Naturally Elegant Wines,” is now on prominent display, as is the organic certification of the grapes.

Domaine Bousquet’s Reserve line, consisting of a Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Pinot Noir (SRP $18), appeals to a slightly older, more sophisticated consumer. Fittingly, the new labels emphasize elegance, with the winery delineated in a burnished gold.

Starting with the new vintage, set to roll out later this summer, names for Domaine’s Grande Reserve line will change to Gran Chardonnay (SRP $20) and Gran Malbec (SRP $25). New labels for each are also in the pipeline.

Finally, the revamped look for Cameleon, the private-label version of Domaine Bousquet’s varietal line, is more graphic, with higher contrasts to better stand out on the shelf. Both the Domaine Bousquet name (in gold type in a black-fill rectangle), and the varietal name (in bright red type) are now more prominent and easier to read.

Available nationwide, Domaine Bousquet wines are imported by WISD Importing, Miami, Florida. 

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