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Artist David Bromley Showcases Art with Lindeman’s Wines


Popular Bin Series Feature New Whimsical Labels

Lindeman’s Bin series wines have re-launched in the United States with labels designed by acclaimed Australian artist David Bromley, whose whimsical paintings pair well with winemaker Wayne Falkenberg’s approachable wines enjoyed in more than 100 countries worldwide.

David Bromley

Bromley, known for playful, vibrant art, created new labels for each of the 18 wines in the Bin tier.  “There are beautiful synergies between wine and art and the joy they bring,” he said.  “It’s a thrill to share my art with these labels, evoking a sense of delight for those who enjoy the wines, and the art.”

In the United States, the series is led by Bin 65, a contemporary Chardonnay that now features Bromley’s colorful take on Sunflowers.  The Bin 85 Pinot Grigio shows butterflies and sailboats, while Bin 45 Cabernet Sauvignon sports richly colored flowers, leaves and grapes and the Bin 40 Merlot highlights musical instruments.  All, says Bromley, bring a smile.

And while the packages are new and eye-catching, the wine in the bottle is the same enjoyed by consumers in North America since 1985, when Bin 65 Chardonnay first arrived in the USA.

Lindeman’s, established in Australia’s Hunter Valley in 1843, has been exporting wine since 1858, and as the popularity of the wines have grown, the phrase “the world smiles with Lindeman’s” has gained popularity.

Visit https://www.lindemans.com/en-us/bromley-and-bins to learn more about Lindeman’s.

David Bromley’s current works are found at https://www.bromleyandco.com/projects.html



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