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New Vineyard Management System Offers Breakthrough Affordability


Europe based Elmitel and Vinduino, located in California, have joined forces to create a leading edge vineyard management application with unique features. The application, aptly named eVineyard, offers full integration of the award winning Vinduino sensor stations for saving irrigation water. It also supports planning and job assignments, as well as integrated pest management and reporting, saving time and resources.

eVineyard has been developed in Europe in collaboration with local vineyards, and has been localized for use in the USA in concert with Vinduino.

“This is a unique collaboration between Old World and New World companies to combine our know-how of viticulture and IT technology. Our solution covers from sensors to actionable information, and is totally focused on meeting the requirements of winegrape growers”, says Reinier van der Lee, CEO of Vinduino LLC. “This system is designed to meet the requirements of vineyard operations with 1000 acres or more, while being uniquely scalable and affordable for smaller growers due to the use of open data and open source technology.”

“eVineyard offers a complete set of software tools to help wineries of all sizes work smarter, save money, and improve from season to season.”, says Matic Serc, CEO of eVineyard. “Built in tight collaboration with winegrowers, eVineyard is fully adapted to workflow in the vineyard and intuitive to use during vineyard work. The data from sensors, work records, and all other parameters are not just archived and available for the winegrower, but also connected together and processed with the help of the agronomic algorithms, to help winegrowers decide when to irrigate and when to spray in order to reduce environmental impact, save costs, and avoid issues. Involvement in European innovation projects helps us bring state-of-the-art features to both small family-operated, as well as the largest wineries, at a suitable price level.”

“We use eVineyard in our vineyards to help reduce the amount of spraying, and are very happy with the realized savings,” says Izidor Vehovar, winemaker at Vina Vehovar.

About Elmitel

Elmitel is a Slovenian privately held company, and developer of the eVineyard management system. Our vision is that the crops we consume should be as natural as possible, and produced with pride in a sustainable way. This is why we incorporate the latest technologies and methods in our simple-to-use software for wineries of all sizes. We help growers around the world produce highest quality crops in the most sustainable and economic way.

The team behind eVineyard consists of people with agronomic and software backgrounds and is involved in EU’s innovation projects on the topic. We won several European awards for our approach. www.evineyardapp.com

About Vinduino

Vinduino is a privately held company, based in California. Our technologies provide accurate live information needed for adapting crop management to changing climate conditions. With this information, a farmer can use resources more efficiently, save time, and optimize yield. Our awarded Vinduino sensor stations are proudly designed and assembled in Temecula Wine Country, California. www.vinduino.com

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