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BSG Offers Comprehensive Range of Catechinic and Ellagic Tannins to Enhance Winemaking Quality


BSG, the foremost supplier of select, high-quality ingredients for the U.S. wine industry, is featuring a comprehensive supply of finishing tannins to enhance the quality of winemaking throughout its North American markets.

“It’s not the quantity of tannins that make a difference in the wine, it’s the quality,” states Tinus Els, the Technical Sales Manager for BSG’s Northern California and Western Pacific Division. “Vines naturally start growing acids and tannins to protect themselves for reproduction.”

Winemakers have long understood the role of tannins in terms of their contributions to stability of wine color, mouthfeel and overall wine structure. What has changed significantly for contemporary winemakers is the understanding of how organic, tannic compounds added to a wine during the fermentation process or pre-bottling can improve quality.

BSG has a wide range of both powdered and liquid tannins available to positively affect winemaking outcomes.

Powdered tannins are obtained from a range of sources including ripe grape seeds, grape leaves, oak derivatives and may also be blended from a selection of different sources.

“In contemporary viticulture, phenolic levels are increasing due to more exposure to the sun, which affects the quality of grapes. Even so, addition of tannins can further enhance quality,” Els points out. “Tannins can be added at various stages of winemaking to prevent oxidation, protect color, add freshness and extend stability.”

Els notes that some of the ellagic tannins, sourced from toasted and untoasted French oak, have been found to help resolve some of the more herbaceous or green characteristics in wine, often just before bottling.

BSG is currently featuring three new liquid tannin products manufactured specifically for its winemaking clients. They are: Barrel Extract, Terroir and Vanilla Peach.

Barrel Extract has been found to have an additional benefit with an ability to soak up unwanted green aroma characteristics in varietals like Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. As the name suggests the taste of a new French oak barrel can be recreated at higher dosage levels.

Terroir is primarily utilized for structure and mouthfeel correction in wine, to add a roundness or softness to the palate. As the name suggests one can be reminded of the earthy- chestnut- forest floor type of flavor.

Vanilla Peach, an oak tannin blended with grape skin and grape seed tannins, can be used to reduce undesirable volatile sulphur-based “cooked cabbage” aromas, and enhance fruitiness in varietals like Chardonnay, Viognier, and Marsanne.

Els stresses that no matter how winemakers choose to craft their products, wine quality can be an issue, especially for larger wineries specializing in the bulk wine marketplace.

“If you are working with bulk wine in bigger quantities, you sometimes have less control over the product,” Els points out. “Added tannins can really change a wine throughout production by dramatically providing stability, thereby improving its quality, structure and flavor profile.”

For more information or to place an order, go to: bsgwine.com/tannins


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