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Innovative Yeast Strain Development Key to Winemaking Success for 2023 Vintage and Beyond


As winemakers in the Northern Hemisphere prepare for and begin working with the 2023 vintage, effective yeast strains to facilitate their efforts are key and Pinnacle Yeast by AB Biotek is there as a solution.

Pinnacle Yeast, manufactured by AB Biotek and distributed exclusively by BSG Wine to vintners throughout the United States, is a multifaceted yeast range developed to address a broad range of wine styles in today’s challenging winemaking climate.

According to James Kress, BSG’s Technical Sales Manager, Pinnacle Yeast can address a wide range of winemaking applications, with few exceptions.

“Pinnacle Yeast specialty strains are developed to meet the exact fermentation needs for any winemaking endeavor,” Kress confirms. “Pinnacle Yeast consistently provides a high quality, reliable result at competitive price points that distinguishes it from our competitors.”

The Pinnacle Wine Yeast lineup includes:

  • Robust – to reliably ferment difficult juices in extreme conditions, which adds security of a complete fermentation for winemakers.
  • Fructo Select – best suited to the production of high alcohol red wines when there is a desire to minimize volatile acidity and age the wine for an extended period.
  • Cryo – to be used for cold fermentations of white varietals where enhanced aromatic expression of esters is desired.
  • Tropica – recommended to increase tropical fruit aromas in white wines.
  • Bubbly – the ideal yeast for producing sparkling wine styles using either the méthode champenoise or Charmat methods.

Kress emphasizes that each batch of Pinnacle Yeast undergoes rigorous quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC). DNA fingerprinting ensures product integrity without contaminants. All products receive high-quality certification from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and from the British Retail Consortium (BRC), a UK-based organization that issues global standards of safety and quality.

Kress also notes that Pinnacle Yeast comes in a two sizes – 500 grams and 10 kilogram packages – to accommodate small and large winemakers alike.

“Pinnacle Yeast is great for all winemakers, whether it be producing 200,000 gallon ferments for commercial wines or 100 gallon small-batch fermentations for super-premium and icon level wines,” he attests.

AB Biotek, a business division of AB Mauri, is a leading, world-wide yeast technology development and custom fermentation company.

BSG, an exclusive distributor of AB Biotek products since 2018, is a top winemaking ingredients and product supply group headquartered in the Napa Valley. BSG is uniquely positioned to equip the winemaking community with what it needs for success, year in and year out.

For more information on Pinnacle Yeast and orders, go to: bsgwine.com/yeast/#pinnacle-wine-yeast.

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