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OENODIA Elevates Industry Standard with New CROSSFLOW Filtration Evolution


Oenodia, one of the world’s leading specialists in membrane-based treatments for the wine and agri-business communities, has initiated the next step in the evolution of wine processing by introducing their STARS-Line.

The STARS-Line will offer a Single-Pass, In-Line Clarification, Filtration and Tartrate Stabilization process by allowing Centrifuge, Crossflow (XF) and STARS systems to communicate with each other.   STARS-XF, which offers the Crossflow/STARS combination, is the first step of the evolution and is now exclusively available from Oenodia North America.

STARS, which stands for Selective TArtrate Removal System, utilizes membrane-based, electrodialysis technology to deliver additive-free, sustainable, tartrate stabilization and pH adjustment for juice, red, rose and white wine. This technology is also available via STARS Mobile Services.

The newest STARS-XF technology is a logical evolution in wine filtration. It facilitates the continuous crossflow filtration and tartrate stabilization of wines and eliminates the need for intermediate storage tanks or multiple control functions throughout the process.

“The crossflow filter we manufacture can communicate directly with our STARS system,” explains Domingo Rodriguez, Oenodia’s North American Wine Business Manager. “The two units can be operated individually, however, when connected, one operator can control two machines from one split-screen control panel, providing immediate and continuous filtration and tartrate stabilization at the same time.”

Rodriguez points out that this coupling of STARS and Crossflow Filtration through STARS-XF, combined with the specially designed control system, gives winemakers immediate benefits in terms of wine loss reduction, time and natural resources savings.

“In essence, you can now go from a holding tank, through the STARS-XF system to a receiving tank and then straight to bottling,” Rodriguez affirms. “Wineries are really looking at their production processes today and how they can save water, waste water, time and energy. Our STARS-Line provides intelligent, reliable and practical solutions.”

Rodriguez also notes that demand for STARS tartrate stabilization and pH adjustment for both red and white wines has gone up dramatically of late.

“Our system selectively removes tartrate precursors, which includes Potassium, allowing winemakers to dial in their desired tartrate stability as well as pH levels without additives,” Rodriguez reports. “We have become the alternative to Tartaric Acid additions. Over the last few years we’ve seen a much stronger demand for our technologies throughout North America, in particular for pH adjustment on red wines.”

Visit the OENODIA booth (#2506) at the UNIFIED Wine & Grape Symposium on January 24-26 in Sacramento to find out more about STARS technology and the new STARS-XF system.



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