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Wine Women Partners with Wine Competitions Management & Productions (WCM&P)


WINE WOMEN LogoSonoma, California | October 10, 2016: WINE WOMEN, a new, nonprofit professional trade organization focused on advancing women’s careers in the wine industry by fostering and nurturing talent, providing networking and training opportunities, as well as advocating for better opportunities for women in this industry, forms partnership with Wine Competitions Management & Productions (WCM&P), offering its members 20% savings in WCM&Ps competitions’ wine entry fees.


“Through our alliance with Wine Competitions’ International Women’s Wine Competition, held this summer, we recognized our markets were quite comparable,” explained Wine Women President Christine L. Mueller. “With Debra Del Fiorentino, WCM&P President, we devised a win-win program to benefit both organizations. Many of our members participate extensively in wine competitions throughout the year as part of their marketing efforts,” she continued. “Being able to offer them a significant business benefit with their membership adds tremendous value to both our membership packages and to Debra’s competitions for participating wineries entering several competitions with many wines.”

Ms. Del Fiorentino explained, “Each competition brings in greater, and more diverse, wine entries, which only serves to bolster the prominence and reputation of each competition. I consistently see wineries enter many wines in many competitions, which adds up through the year as a significant marketing investment. By offering WINE WOMEN members a substantial discount on these entry fees, we can encourage a greater diversity in our competition entries while enhancing the competitions’ reputations. We are thrilled to be able to offer this savings to WINE WOMEN’s members as we both work towards greater equality for women in this industry.”


WINE WOMEN’s mission is “To champion the advancement of women’s careers in the wine industry by building strong relationships, essential business skills and leadership among members.” At the core of the new 501(c)(3) nonprofit professional organization’s activities are programs focused on providing the tools, guidance and creativity for members to attain industry prominence.

WINE WOMEN president Christine L. Mueller summed up the new organization’s activities after their summer launch, “Since our formal launch in June a half dozen forums have begun meeting regularly, including two Marketing Forums, for which this partnership will greatly benefit its members. We are thrilled our members recognize the value of our peer support and career growth development opportunities. All of this points to our organization filling a void and getting quickly on track to address the needs of our members.”

For more information about WINE WOMEN, visit: http://winewomen.net/about/ or call 707.996.8740. Visit WINE WOMEN’s website at WineWomen.net, or their Facebook page, WineWomenOrg, or find them on Twitter @WineWomenOrg. For membership information, email Ellen Reich Luchtel, Membership Director, at Ellen@WineWomen.net. For complete details on their events calendar, visit: WineWomen.net/Events-List.


Based in Santa Rosa, Calif., WCM&P is an independently owned and operated wine, craft beer and spirits competition management company. WCM&P has over 28 years of combined experience in managing competitions and productions using the highest standards within the industry.

WCM&P manages and produces nine annual wine competitions, including the Grand Harvest Challenge, International East Meets West Wine Challenge, West Coast Wine Competition, Press Democrat North Coast Wine Challenge and International Women’s Wine Competition.

The Grand Harvest Challenge early bird deadline for entries is October 14th. Entrants my register and pay online at enofileonline.com or obtain a paper entry form at winecompetitions.com. Wine Women members may obtain the promotional discount code at http://winewomen.net/for-our-members/#Wine_Competitions. For more information, visit: winecompetitions.com or call 415-640-6337.



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