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Nomacorc Launches New “Green Line” Wine Closure Portfolio


Reveals Strategy Towards 100% Sustainable Products

Global leader in wine closures unveils plans to introduce Green Line portfolio based on new PlantCorc™ innovation—

Nomacorc VinventionsNAPA, Calif. (Sept. 19, 2016) Nomacorc, a member of Vinventions™ and the world’s leading producer of premium wine closures, unveils a new category of closures with unparalleled standards in performance, design and sustainability. The new “Green Line” represents a fundamental shift towards the use of renewable plant-based raw materials for Nomacorc’s entire product portfolio, while also advancing performance and aesthetics. The Green Line comprises the flagship product Reserva, and includes Select Green, Classic Green and Smart Green as well as the sparkling closure Zest Premium.

An industry pioneer in oxygen management and innovation, the company began using sustainable raw materials in 2013 with the launch of Select® Bio, the world’s first zero-carbon-footprint closure, made with biopolymers derived from sugarcane. Today, Select Bio is used by some of North America’s most premium, critically-acclaimed wineries.

“The new Green Line continues our journey towards sustainability one important step further,” says Dr. Heino Freudenberg, CEO of Vinventions. “Our PlantCorc™ technology marries science and nature to offer our customers wine closures that are not only sustainable, TCA-free and glue-free, but also 100 percent consistent. This in turn allows us to offer our customers even lower oxygen ingress options and red wine preservation performance of up to 25 years.” Besides its nature-based raw materials, the Green Line is produced using renewable energy and is 100 percent recyclable.

Green LineIn addition to advancements in performance and sustainability, the Nomacorc Green Line also introduces an enhanced look and feel across closures—soft-feel surfaces, chamfered edges and embossed ends are now standard within the entire portfolio. These improved premium aesthetics were previously available only for Select Green (formerly Select Bio) and Zest Premium, the recently-launched zero-carbon-footprint sparkling wine closure.

Nomacorc has made further advancements in controlling oxygen ingress within the Green Line closures, thanks to its proprietary PlantCorc production technique. “With our closure offerings, winemakers can use our precise oxygen ingress range to allow for the best wine expression,” said Dr. Stéphane Vidal, Vice President of Enology and Head of Wine Quality Solutions for Vinventions. “We are proud to announce that our new Nomacorc Reserva™ closure will preserve wine in the bottle for up to 25 years for a unique consumer experience,” he adds.

The Green Line is now available for winemakers globally. The new Reserva closure will be coming soon, along with several other product innovations that will be announced by Vinventions next year.

About Nomacorc

In January 2015, Nomacorc became member of Vinventions, a global supplier of complete wine closure solutions to the still and sparkling wine industries. Nomacorc is the closure of choice for premium still wines in many countries including France, Germany, Spain, Italy, the United States, Argentina and China. Dedicated to technological innovation, Nomacorc manufactures its products using patented co-extrusion and finishing processes. As a result, Nomacorc closures deliver predictable and specific oxygen ingress, while the soft-feel skin provides smooth extractions, reinsertions and trouble-free bottling line performance. Nomacorc’s latest innovations, Select® Green, Classic Green, Smart Green, Zest Premium™, and Nomacorc Reserva™, are zero- and low-carbon footprint closures for still and sparkling wines made from plant-based polymers, produced using renewable energy and are 100 percent recyclable. With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the United States, Belgium, China, and Argentina, Nomacorc produces more than two billion closures annually. Working with wine research institutes worldwide, the company leads the wine closure industry in fundamental and applied research into oxygen management and wine preservation.

About Vinventions

Vinventions was created by family entrepreneur Marc Noël with Bespoke Capital Partners, Heino Freudenberg and additional partners. Vinventions’ goal is to become the most innovative and trusted global supplier of wine closure solutions to the still and sparkling wine industries. In January 2015, Vinventions acquired Nomacorc, the leading global supplier of premium plant-based closures to the wine industry. In July 2015, Ohlinger Group joined Vinventions. In November 2015, Vinventions completed a distribution agreement with Vinolok/Vinoseal, adding high-performance glass closures to its growing range of wine closure solutions. Today, Vinventions has over 550 employees and operates six production sites in USA, Belgium, Germany, France, Argentina and China. Vinventions protects every eighth wine bottle worldwide with its closures. The leadership values of Vinventions center on customer dedication, innovation, operational excellence, local entrepreneurship, open teamwork and long-term responsibility.



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