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Rosé Today, the 2016 Competition


June 15, 2016; Hosted by Wilson Artisan Wineries at Soda Rock Winery

Rose TodayInvitational Media Event Announces Winners June 16 at a Trade/Media Event Showcasing Gold and Double Gold Winners

Wine Director Bob Ecker Announces Expanded Scope, Calls for Entries in Domestic, International, Sparkling Categories

Healdsburg, CA – Friday, April 1, 2016 — Bob Ecker, who established his Rosé Competition in Napa Valley in 2013, is calling Rosé producers domestically and internationally for entries for his third annual Competition,  Rosé Today, The 2016  Competition to be held Wednesday, June 15, 2016 hosted by Wilson Artisan Wineries at the Soda Rock Winery, Healdsburg, Ca. The competition results will be revealed at an invitation-only Trade/Media Event announcing all Medal Winners and showcasing Gold and Double Gold winners on Thursday, June 16, 10:00 AM to noon.

“Rosé wines have been exploding in the collective wine zeitgeist,” said Ecker. “And Rosé sales are up an astounding 53.6% in the last year alone.  Women and men from Beverly Hills to the Hamptons, Seattle to Palm Beach and points in between are excited about Rosés as never before.  Consumers are discovering how tantalizingly supple, dry and satisfying rosés can be, whether the wines were produced in the South of France, South America or Napa Valley.  Rosé Today, The 2016 Competition pits the very best against the very best.”

Antoine Favero, winemaker at Wilson Artisan Wineries’ Soda Rock Winery, Mazzocco Winery and Jaxon Keys winery, and a native of France known for his exceptional Zinfandels and Bordeaux varietals, says about the winery’s hosting duties, “Soda Rock Winery’s rustic chic atmosphere is a blend of old world and new, befitting the newfound appreciation the US for Rosé  wines which have always maintained popularity and acceptance in Europe. Wilson Artisan Wineries is excited to showcase our facility for this wonderful competition.”

The scope of The 2016 Competition, Ecker explains, will expand to welcome entries in three categories: Domestic, International and Sparkling wines.  Each category will have a “Dry” or “Sweeter Side” component.  “We anticipate receiving 200 plus wines from around the world,” said Competition Coordinator Colleen Ecker.  To submit entries, producers must enter at: [email protected].  Entry fee for each submission is $60 (plus service charge).  Entries must be received by June 3rd. For information, call Bob Ecker at (707) 421-1701, or email at [email protected].

All winners in The 2016 Competition will be announced Thursday, June 16, at an invitational Media Event and Showcase for Trade, 10 am to noon.  Trade and Media guests will be treated to a tasting of Gold and Double Gold winners; selected producers of these award-winning wines are invited to be on hand.

Judging in the blind competitions will be done by a select panel of 9 judges, inspired by the example set by Bob Fraser for the San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition in which Ecker is a judge. “This means that judges are encouraged to talk, cajole, argue, compare and discuss wines prior to voting,” Ecker smiles.

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