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Wine Guardian Announces Vertical Ducted Cooling System


Wine Guardian Vertical Ducted SystemWine Guardian, the global leader in commercial-grade wine cellar cooling systems for homes, restaurants and commercial storage facilities, announced the addition of vertically oriented ducted units to its line of wine cellar cooling systems.

The vertical ducted unit configuration allows for a smaller footprint than a typical ducted wine cellar cooling unit and can be used in applications which have little mechanical room space to work with. The smaller footprint will maximize the available mechanical room space.

“We are excited to offer an innovative, vertically-configured ducted unit for our customers who don’t have the mechanical room space needed for a horizontal ducted unit,” said Wine Guardian Division Manager Mike Militi.

The vertical configuration is currently available on two 60Hz models: The ½-ton, D050 ducted unit and the 1-ton, D088 wine cellar cooling unit. These systems are optimized to cool wine cellars from 800 ft3 to 6,000 ft3, depending on unit and the room’s heat load.

Learn more from this datasheet.

Wine Guardian is a brand of Air Innovations, the leader in temperature and humidity control systems. All Wine Guardian products are manufactured in the USA. Air Innovations is a world leader in designing and building environmental process control systems for applications that can’t be addressed with standard HVAC equipment.

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