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ePour Technologies Launches Its Patented Wine by the Glass System


ePourLEWISBERRY —ePour Technologies is proud to announce the commercial launch of its innovative high volume/high value system for serving wine by the glass. The countertop system utilizes a patented pumping, temperature, and pour control system to maintain consistent quality and pour accuracy with every glass poured.  The 9 liter oxygen inhibiting bag in tray system allows retailers to significantly increase the profitability of each glass served by eliminating wine quality and wine service losses. Costs such as trash removal, storage needs, server training are significantly reduced. The consumer receives an exact pour size quality wine at temperature every time.

The ePour system conceived by Ed O’Keefe, Jr. ePour’s CEO and founder of award winning Chateau Grand Traverse Winery, Michigan’s largest winery. “We have been working on this high volume/high quality wine by the glass system for several years and we believe ePour will completely revolutionize the economics of wine by the glass sales,” he states.  “I initially started to develop the ePour system to improve efficiencies in our winery tasting room. It has evolved to have much broader applications.” The system is designed to transform wine by the glass service in restaurants, winery tasting rooms, wine bars, casinos, cruise ships, hotel lobbies, convention centers, banquet facilities — any retail operation offering quality wines by the glass. Operated by wait staff or as a self-serve machine allows the bar staff to focus on bar orders. The pour sizes are fully programmable for service by the glass, carafe, or bottle.

The ePour System capitalizes on the wine industry’s growing trend of placing high-value, high-quality wines in boxes and pouches to maximize profitability for wine-by-the-glass sales. The system’s oxygen inhibiting vacuum pump technology ensures that the wines have consistent quality and taste from the first pour to the last without requiring inert gases to maintain quality. Use of bag and pouch packaging rather than bottles reduces costs by 85%. Additionally, this eliminates labor and waste associated with disposing of bottles, half used product, and degradation of wine quality. ePour provides a truly environmentally friendly approach to wine service.

The ePour touch and pour software enables the retailer total flexibility on how to design its wine by the glass sales approach.  The software allows the manager to pre-program pour sizes, server information, pricing and alerts when wine needs to be changed.  The ePour software is capable of being seamlessly linked and integrated with any retail POS system.  To change the wine, simply remove the tray, replace the wine pouch and slip the tray back into the machine.  Any staff member can do it. Cleaning the unit is equally as easy. “Our goal was to develop a simple efficient means of serving wines by the glass while maintaining straight from the winery quality” says ePour President Bob Kalik, former President of the American Vintners Association and long term wine industry counsel.

The ePour system is a countertop unit holding two 9 liters (12 bottle case equivalent) of wine and is manufactured by Dispensing Systems Technology, a division of Oven Industries, Inc. of Mechanicsburg PA. The ePour unit has been certified by MET Laboratories, Inc. as meeting the UL 471 Standard for Commercial Refrigerators and Freezers and CSA C22.2 No. 120-13, Refrigeration equipment.

ePour will be test marketed in Colorado and Maryland. Two additional models for the winery tasting room and a larger model to handle four 9 liter bags will be introduced in 2016.  Wines initially available for the system include Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi 2013 Cabernet and Chardonnay, Robert Mondavi Private Selection 2013 Cabernet and Chardonnay, Mark West Pinot Noir (2012) and Estancia Pinot Grigio (2013).

ePour Technologies began accepting orders for new units for delivery October 1 2015. Base units are priced at $3995 or can be rented through Point of Sale Credit Corporation of Syracuse NY – the cost depends on the length of the rental.  For more information and access to hi-res photos, call (717) 932-0303, e-mail [email protected], or visit the company website at www.epourtech.com

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