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Napa’s New and Only Urban Wine District Kicks off the Harvest Season with an “Off-Vineyard Urban Expedition”


Crusher Wine DistrictNAPA, CA, July 17, 2015 – Crusher Wine District (CWD) will present an “Off-Vineyard Urban Expedition” wine tasting circuit at 7 member wineries on August 8-9 from 11am – 4pm. This will be the third passport event in the CWD’s annual series of Wine Hopper Weekends in 2015.

The 2-day weekend event will feature interactive and hands-on demonstrations at each participating Crusher Wine District winery, with a chance to roll up your sleeves and learn more about the gamut of the Harvest’s seasonal activities: the véraison moment, wine blending in action, wine deconstruction, an aroma sensory demo and more. Local food trucks will be on hand, plus a special $24 prix fixe lunch at Siena and $10 boxed lunch at Blend are available at The Meritage Resort and Spa.

Wine Hopper Weekends provide access to wineries in the Crusher Wine District that are normally open by appointment only: Avinodos, The Wine Foundry, Humanitas Wines, Mi Sueño Winery, Spelletich Family Wine Co., The Trinitas Library, and Crosby Roamann.

Event Details
Wine Hopper Weekends: “Off-Vineyard Urban Expedition”
Dates: August 8-9, 2015
Time: 11AM-4PM
Check-in Location: The Meritage Resort and Spa, 875 Bordeaux Way, Napa
Ticket Prices: 1-day pass – $50, 2-day pass – $75
Tickets can be purchased at www.crusherwinedistrict.com

The Crusher Wine District is a cutting-edge collective of 10 wineries located in the edgy and unexpected south side of Napa.  Considered Napa’s only urban wine district, it attracts start-up and small-production working wineries in their “incubator” stage, affording a more intimate and personal dialogue with the owners and winemakers. For Napa locals and visitors alike, looking for a new and different experience, it offers an off-the-beaten-path destination on your way in or out of Napa Valley.

About The Crusher Wine District in Napa Valley

The Crusher Wine District is a not-for-profit marketing group pioneering and supporting the growth and development of wineries and winemakers in the unconventional industrial area south of the city of Napa. The group took its name from the iconic statue of the “Crusher Man” on the hill overlooking the district, visible to all who enter Napa Valley from the south. www.crusherwinedistrict.com



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