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Randox Food Diagnostics Unveils ‘Game Changing’ Wine Analysis Technology


‘Invent tomorrow, don’t worry about yesterday’, is an approach pioneered by the greatest tech companies of today and this principle has led to rapid advancements in modern life. In some ways this attitude could appear far removed from the proud heritage of the wine industry, but is it really?

International wine analysis firm Randox Food Diagnostics, is leading the technological development of analytical chemistry for winemakers, with the release of the new RX misano wine analyser. Here, two worlds meet; traditional winemaking methods of yesterday in collaboration with the cutting-edge technology of tomorrow.

Analytical chemistry has been an essential task for oenologists for generations, but the technology now available makes this a much simpler task than it was even just five years ago, highlighting the accelerated progression of an ever growing industry.

Blossoming Vines

According to the latest figures from the International Organisation of Vine & Wine (OIV), wine production is increasing year-on-year, with the continued development of ‘New World’ wines. In 2013, World wine production had increased by +24 Mhl compared to 2012, reaching 278.7 Mhl. In addition, the 2013 statistics reveal a year of growth in the United States, along with record production in Chile (12.8 Mhl) and New Zealand (2.5 Mhl).  As the industry flourishes, bearing improved wines annually, the technology employed by producers must also evolve.  The RX misano from Randox Food Diagnostics is the next step in this evolution.

‘Game changing’ technology

The RX misano brings revolutionary analysis technology to wineries and wine laboratories worldwide, boasting unique features such as a choice of two detection systems (LED and halogen), which can be selected based on the individual requirements of the winemaker. The RX misano also offers an extensive testing range with wavelengths between 280nm and 700nm.

Janine McMullan, Wine Business Manager for Randox Food Diagnostics commented:

“We wanted to create a machine that genuinely meets the needs of winemakers, the RX misano does just that. Having worked with the World’s leading wineries for a decade, we know that every producer is different and so we have developed an analyser with capabilities that can be tailored to suit. The RX misano offers the flexibility of increased wavelengths, open channels and a new smart monitoring system; combined with its accuracy and ease of use, it represents a game changer in oenological analysis.”

The machine offers outstanding accuracy when compared to other methods, producing results within +/- 1% of UKAS accredited reference materials.

Accuracy with the flexibility of increased wavelengths, open channels and user friendly features including a responsive touch screen, favourites menu, on screen prompts and the ability to export data in excel format, makes the RX misano the most versatile and easy to use wine analyser of its size on the market.

New Smart Monitoring System

The wine analyser of ‘tomorrow’ also features a new smart monitoring system, the RX misano automatically detects potential analysis problems and reports them to the user. This includes issues such as air bubbles and clots, as well as monitoring environmental conditions to prevent overheating. The analyser is also highly efficient, powering down when the temperature required for analysis is reached.

The RX misano gives winemakers accurate, trusted results throughout; all in a footprint smaller than a standard personal computer, bringing the technology of tomorrow to the winemaker today!

The RX misano is now available for purchase, for more information please contact Randox Food Diagnostics at [email protected]randoxfood.com or contact your local Randox Food sales representative.

About Randox Food Diagnostics

With over 30 years’ experience in the diagnostic market, Randox Food Diagnostics continue to transform the landscape of conventional drug residue screening and wine analysis, by developing revolutionary high quality products to improving the global food safety chain. Our versatile range of kits include an extensive list of drug residue ELISAs and biochip arrays, as well as our dedicated enzymatic kits for the wine and beverage markets.

Within Randox Food Diagnostics we offer remarkable tools for the screening of antimicrobials, growth promoting hormones and drugs of abuse in animals and produce. Offering superb limits of detections and simple sample preparations, Randox Food Diagnostics has an extensive and expanding range consisting of 38 ELISA’s and 16 multiplex screening platforms. Our comprehensive range and trusted screening solutions are intertwined with continually improving the standards of global food safety.



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