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Free Flow Wines Announces TAP’D Draft Solutions

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A New Draft Services Division that Expands the Company’s Services and Offers Innovative New Products On Tap 

freeflowwinesTAP’D Draft Solutions broadens Free Flow Wines’ service offering and is set to enable a number of new products on tap including beer, wine, spirits, and coffee.

Free Flow Wines, the pioneer of premium wine on tap, announced today that the company has created a new division called TAP’D Draft Solutions. TAP’D Draft Solutions provides custom draft system design, installation, maintenance, and line cleaning. The company’s innovative draft products go beyond beer and wine to enable spirits, coffee and more on-tap. Free Flow Wines and TAP’D Draft Solutions will be exhibiting at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium in Sacramento this week (Booth #2304).

“We knew that in order to help our winery and wholesaler customers we needed a full- service draft solution,” said Free Flow Wines’ Co-Founder and CEO, Jordan Kivelstadt. “TAP’D Draft Solutions has allowed us to expand our client services, while we keep our core wine on tap business focused on the delivery of premium wines on tap. The icing on the cake is that this acquisition and new division enables our clients to offer incredible new beverages on tap.”

Free Flow Wines acquired Bay Area-based Cuff’s Tap Service in July 2014 and has spent the past six months re-engineering it into TAP’D Draft Solutions. Kivelstadt now also serves as the CEO of TAP’D Draft Solutions, with founder, John Cuff staying on as president.

“Draft line cleaning and maintenance is the key to pouring kegged beverages the way the maker intended—whether it’s beer, wine, cider, spirits, coffee, water or anything else you can put into a keg,” added Kivelstadt. “John Cuff and his team have decades of experience installing and troubleshooting all types of draft systems and I am thrilled to have them drive this next stage in our business.”

TAP’D Draft Solutions currently has 15 employees and will operate out of the Free Flow Wines headquarters in Napa, California. The company provides high-qualitydraft installation and line cleaning services and currently offers services in Northern California, with the goal of expanding beyond the Bay Area in the near future.

“We have been the leading provider of beer and wine draft services in the Bay Area since 1999,” said Cuff. “As a part of Free Flow Wines, we now have the ability to develop incredibly innovative draft solutions and provide a broader offering to our customers.”

TAP’D Draft Solutions provides the following services:

– Draft system installation – Installation and troubleshooting for all types of draft systems, TAP’D will install the system with excellence and professionalism—whether it is for beer, wine, cider, spirits, coffee, water, or anything else that can be placed into a keg.

– Draft equipment and repair – TAP’D Draft Solutions is a trusted partner with the country’s leading suppliers of draft parts and equipment. They stock various parts to get a system up and pouring and can address any issues that arise.

– Maintenance program – TAP’D Draft Solutions offers a draft system maintenance program to help prevent draft system failure. They provide preventative maintenance on draft systems, including the power pack (glycol cooling unit), to keep the unit running.

– Line maintenance and cleaning – Draft line cleaning and maintenance is the key to pouring kegged products the way the maker intended. TAP’D Draft Solutions works with over a dozen local distributors and a growing number of local craft brewers to clean draft lines.

About TAP’D Draft Solutions

TAP’D Draft Solutions provides custom draft design, installation, maintenance, and line cleaning for draft systems. The company’s draft solutions enable innovative new products that go beyond beer and wine, to include on-tap cocktails, spirits, coffee, and more. Formerly Cuff’s Tap Service, the company has been the leading provider of beer and wine draft services in the Bay Area since 1999. Their team has decades of experience installing, maintaining and troubleshooting all types of draft systems. TAP’D Draft Solutions is a division of Free Flow Wines and can be found online at TapdDraft.com and on Facebook & Instagram @tapddraft.

About Free Flow Wines

Free Flow Wines is the pioneer of premium wine on tap and delivers the world’s wine brands to the taps of restaurants and venues nationwide. Free Flow Wines’ kegging and logistics services have allowed the wine and hospitality industries to move away from bottles to a sustainable, environmentally friendly way of serving wine on tap, while maintaining wine integrity from the barrel to the tap. Free Flow Wines was founded in 2009 and has more than 220 wine brands as clients from Frog’s Leap in the Napa Valley, to 10 Span Vineyards in Santa Barbara and Banfi’s Aviatto from Alto Adige. Their clients’ wines are offered to a variety of restaurants, premium hotels, sports and entertainment venues nationwide. The company is located in Napa, California, and you can find them online at FreeFlowWines.com, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Flickr @FreeFlowWine.

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