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Emmeti Introduces “The Turtle” a Semi-Automatic Depalletizer

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July 29, 2013, Emmeti S.p.A., Introduces “The Turtle” a Semi-Automatic Depalletizer, flexible enough to be designed as palletizer as well, with an optional tool kit upgrade package. Capabilities of 1 layer per minute, while repetitive motion and heavy lifting is carried out by The Turtle, means innovation and efficiency are attainable for lower volume production facilities, like never before.

Emmeti, now offers two different, efficient, value priced bulk depalletizer solutions, giving low volume wineries, glass decorators, and re-pack glass operations the opportunity to receive bulk glass. Emmeti realizes that small wineries want to take the same advantage of cost saving benefits of receiving bulk glass as large wineries. Bulk glass requires less space inside the delivery truck, more bottles in every bulk load than in cases, and affords wineries the benefit of storing bottles in bulk without brand specific limitations of cased ware.

The Turtle is not your average Semi-Automatic Bulk Depalletizer, because it has the flexibility to be designed as a palletizer as well. Simply purchase an optional tool kit upgrade package and The Turtle now offers bottle decorators and re-pack operations an efficient innovative solution and a competitive edge in the market. Plus all of Emmeti’s customer’s benefit from an unsurpassed reputation for meeting and exceeding customer’s expectations in the glass and beverage industry 365 / 24 / 7, since 1982.

the turtleThe Turtle depalletizer’s sequence of operation: Operator places a pallet of empty bottles in the correct position, and then the operator removes plastic film from the pallet. Using a joy stick on the control panel, the operator commands the lift of the pick head. With the same joy stick the operator next places the machine over the pallet of bottles and then commands the decent of the head— which picks up bottles automatically. Next, the operator commands the pick head / layer of bottles to transfer to the depal table. Lastly, the operator places the machine over the depal table and the machine automatically releases the bottles in the correct position. Speed is 1 layer per minute (approx. 250 bpm)

Emmeti has been designing and manufacturing factory automation equipment since 1982, with a worldwide reputation as a supplier of reliable, technologically advanced container and package handling systems for glass, plastic and metal containers, as well as cartons, cases, trays and other packages. Emmeti’s wide range of factory automation systems include: Case and bulk palletizers / depalletizers, case formers, case packers, case unpackers, partition inserters, case sealers, pallet labelers, shuttle cars, AGV systems, conveyors, elevators, lowerators, and a host of other equipment that allows Emmeti to offer turn-key solutions.

Please contact Emmeti to learn more about equipment capabilities, and how your organization can increase efficiency.
This Press Release was submitted by Emmeti USA: www.emmetiusa.com


Beth Zarnick-Duffy

Emmeti USA Sales Office

Phone : 814-466-2183

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