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L’CHAIM Kosher Vodka and Wines Will BE Distributed by Walmart Stores in Northeastern and Southeastern United States


L'CHAIM Kosher Vodka  & Wines IIMIAMI (July 29, 2013) In an effort to reach beyond the traditional ethnic market, LCHAIM Kosher Vodka and Wines will be distributed by Walmart Stores in Northeastern and Southeastern United States, it was announced here today by Florida entrepreneur Ralph Mizraji, owner of the recently introduced brands.

“By partnering up with a major retailer such as Walmart we’re escalating our marketing reach well beyond our traditional buyers to now include a much broader audience segment in the marketplace,” Mizraji explains. “This adds a whole new dimension to our distribution and sales of both our “To Life” vodka and wines. “However, of course we’ll still keep a focus on our kosher market buyers, especially with the upcoming Jewish High Holidays.”

The new premium L’CHAIM Vodka and sweet wines are rapidly gaining momentum and acceptance in the market and are now being showcased and sold in hundreds of retail stores, popular restaurants, clubs and lounges. “Our feeling is that kosher brands add an essential component to the marketing mix in any store,” he relates. The Kosher market is the United States accounts for $150-billion in sales annually.

According to Mizraji, “The new premium vodka is kosher, purer, cleaner and of better quality.” L’CHAIM which means, “To Life,” uniquely ties to Israel’s history by sourcing its water from natural springs shunning the filtering and de-mineralization treatments. The process was learned in Israel where it undergoes a specially commissioned production process that strips the vodka of any impurities during its three distillations. The development is supervised and certified by the Orthodox Union better known as OU, the most respected agency in the world for kosher products. The new vodka is being targeted to males and females, 21 to 55-years-of-age who live fun and active lifestyles. It is 40-percent Alcohol By Volume and 80-proof. The retail price for the 1.75 Liter size is $29.99 and the 750 ML size costs $20.00.

The L’CHAIM Kosher Wine series followed the successful launch of the L’CHAIM Kosher Vodka and was introduced simultaneously with the formation of a strategic partnership with Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc., of Miami, Florida. Southern Wine & Spirits is a $10-billion a year distribution company with 11,000 employees which service some 200,000 points of distribution across 35 states. The company is the largest distributor of wine and spirits in the country and is widely known for its commitment to delivering the highest standards of customer service and creative marketing. It additionally features a strong prowess in brand building, especially in nurturing sales of new wine and spirits products.

In addition, Mizraji relates that he has selected the makers of Baron Herzog, renowned for eight generations of making the finest award winning wines and the largest producer of kosher wines to create and produce the L’CHAIM Kosher Wine series. “They developed what we felt is the perfect aroma, tone and taste for our new L’CHAIM  “To Life” kosher sweet wine series,” notes Mizraji.

“The combination of working with the largest wine and spirits distributor in the United States along with the largest producer of kosher wines suggests that we will have the best and foremost opportunity to compete aggressively with the long-standing category leaders,” he comments. “The addition of the Walmart Stores also greatly strengthens our position and enhances our marketing, distribution and retail sales programs.”

“Our brand name is fresh and clever and the marketing and branding are totally relevant to today’s strategies, themes and approaches,” Mizraji explains. “There’s certainly a genuine strength and assurance in that both the producer and distributor are leaders in their respective fields and the packaging is notably graceful and attractive and most worthy of any celebration or dinner table.”

The L’CHAIM Kosher Wine series has been handcrafted and designed exclusively for L’CHAIM and comes from a vineyard with soil enriched and nurtured by basalt and terra rosa located within a strategic region with ideal climate conditions for the grapes. They are carefully harvested with only the finest quality of the low yielding crop selected to process and age to perfection, thereby achieving a perfect balance of flavor, color, aroma and taste. L’CHAIM Kosher wines are 9-percent Alcohol By Volume (ABV). The retail price for the 750 ML sizes is under $5.00.

For further information about L’CHAIM Kosher Vodka and Wines, contact Mizraji at 305-588-5484 or email ralph@groupforcecapital.com. The company is headquartered at 3610 NE 1st Avenue, Miami, Florida, 33137.


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