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Jeff Siegel is an award-winning wine writer, as well as the co-founder and former president of Drink Local Wine, the first locavore wine movement. He has taught wine, beer, spirits, and beverage management at El Centro College and the Cordon Bleu in Dallas. He has written seven books, including "The Wine Curmudgeon’s Guide to Cheap Wine".

US Wine DtC Legal Battles—Time to Calm Down

Wooden gavel / Unsplash
There are many reason for the Supreme Court not to hear a case—none of which the wine industry can influence. —Jeff Siegel Jay Hack, a senior...

Sarasota Wine Market v. Schmitt—What’s the Fuss?

A Supreme Court decision may affect the three-tier system as we know it. —Jeff Siegel This week the U.S. Supreme Court could decide to take a...

Is It Time to Kick the (Wine) Can?

Canned wine seems to have plateaued in the U.S., despite many opportunities for growth —Jeff Seigel What does it say about canned wine’s future that one...

Scientists Develop Organic Cure for Pierce’s Disease

Testing continues, but new treatment meets approval of U.S. EPA and several state regulators. —Jeff Siegel Walk around certain vineyards, whether the well-renowned regions of California...

Smaller Producers Need Independent Retailers—Now More Than Ever

Distributors, brokers, and buyers discuss the importance of connecting with niche-focused wine shops —Jeff Siegel “You’re the only one who can tell your story,” says a...

What the Biden Administration’s Anti-Trust Directive Means for the Wholesale Tier

Experts believe the Executive Order may correct unfair trade practices; few predict any immediate or drastic results. Could the Biden Administration try to break up...

Study Finds Red Wines Gets Higher Scores for No Apparent Reason

 Red Wine and Expert Bias Do experts rate red wines more highly than white wines, regardless of price, vintage, and region? Does this mean there...