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After First Season in Vineyards, Innovative Irrigation Company Delivers Big Dividends to Grape Growers


Lumo hasn’t been around all that long.

In fact, the California-based, smart irrigation company was first launched by CEO and Founder Devon Wright and his team just two years ago.

But within that very short time frame, Lumo’s cutting-edge water delivery system has captured the attention of the Northern Californian winegrowing community and truly shifted the way irrigation is done.

Lumo Valves at JFW
Three Lumo One smart valves installed at a Jackson Family Wines vineyard in northern Sonoma County.

Last summer, Lumo put the industry’s first smart irrigation valve, Lumo One, into the hands and vineyards of some of California’s top grape growers, including; Treasury Wine Estates, Wente Vineyards, Clos Du Val, Spottswoode Winery, REVM, Boheme Wines, Price Family Vineyards & Estates, Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and Pine Ridge Vineyards.

Now, after one full growing season, users are reporting groundbreaking results.

“Lumo valves have the potential to unite my water use monitoring and water delivery systems, getting one step closer to an autonomous irrigation system,” explains Ryan Decker, Viticulture and Grower Relations Manager at Clos du Val Wine Co. “I’ll be able to log all irrigations, by volume, for any water use reporting requirements that either exist now or will in the future.”

Treasury Wine Estates (TWE), a global wine economic power, partnered with Lumo this last year on a pilot project to efficiently manage irrigation on 90 acres of Napa Valley vineyard land, utilizing 24 of Lumo’s smart irrigation valves.

According to Will Drayton, Director of Sustainability and Science at Treasury Americas, “this pilot project is an integral part of Treasury Wine Estates’ broader commitment to sustainability, with goals set to achieve 100% renewable electricity usage by the end of 2024 and attain net-zero emissions for Scopes 1 and 2 by 2030.

“The collaboration with Lumo signifies a crucial step in our journey towards preserving vital resources for our industry and community.”

lumo valve in field

In addition to achieving sustainability and water conservation goals, growers are now expanding their use of Lumo to more acreage and full ranches because of the benefits to their bottom line in terms of labor and energy savings.

Growers have appreciated the visibility into the actual amount of water being delivered to each block during irrigation and knowing how their irrigation infrastructure is performing on a day-to-day basis.

As a result, many growers and vineyard managers have caught not just line leaks and breaks, or clogged and missing emitters, but also prevented bigger issues from developing with their pumps and pressure tanks.

“Lumo allows me to really understand how our irrigations are performing. With viticulture, it is critical that our water delivery is what we intend it to be. Lumo’s helped us really dial that in,” notes Tyler Klick, Redwood Empire Vineyard Management.

Given that over 90 percent of the growers who worked with Lumo intend to continue and expand their use of the technology into 2024, Lumo has opened up their 2024 pre-order program for growers in Napa and Sonoma to reserve new inventory.

The pre-order program also offers a 25 percent discount for full vineyard deployment of Lumo systems as well as priority installation dates.

Participants planning to attend the upcoming Unified Wine & Grape Symposium, can catch Lumo in the upper level trade show floor at booth #A2817

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Lumo Valves at JFW



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