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Albania Becomes the 50th OIV Member State


Albania has officially become the 50th OIV Member State. A milestone the OIV reaches for the first time in its 100 years history.

August 16th – By becoming a member of the OIV, Albania will benefit from the information, cooperation and services of a network of around 1000 experts.  These links enable Albania to take part in the fundamental decisions concerning the evolution of the sector and to raise its voice by becoming one of the 50 decision-makers in such an important area. The cooperation of Member States within the OIV is a key factor for better communication, more effective legislation and therefore more transparent and fruitful trade in the vine and wine sector. As a new member, Albania will participate in the 22 General Assembly in October 2023.

Some statistics about the Albanian vineyard:

In 2022, Albania had a vineyard surface area of 11.339 hectares. According to the OIV Statistics, it ranked the 41st producer in the world and the 55th consumer.



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