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Wineries Ditch Spreadsheets for End-to-End Business Management Software


Running a winery requires collaboration across the business — from the vineyard to production, case goods, distribution, and, finally, the end consumer. That is clearly too much to manage on paper or in complicated spreadsheets, even though 40% of wineries still attempt to do so. While some software alternatives exist, most are point solutions that only address problems for one piece of the puzzle. This leads to ​​uncertainty in pricing decisions, over-or under-selling inventory, and missed sales opportunities.

Imagine the ways your business could benefit from connecting production data with ​​inventory management, accounting, and sales channel management.

Ekos, a complete business management software, helps wineries manage production in addition to solving essential business problems. Ekos users have the data to set the right prices based on COGS; optimize sales across DTC, wholesale, and on-premise channels; and forecast based on market demand.

Recently, Ekos announced a brand-new experience for wine production tracking within its software. Over the next three months, Ekos will release a series of new features within the production module. The updates will transform the current workflow to provide winemakers with an upgraded platform for efficiently tracking production from intake through case goods.

The updates are tailored to the winemaker’s workflow and will provide increased visibility into the production process. With the new production platform in Ekos, winemakers can:

  • Manage grape intake and blocks
  • Monitor wine composition data
  • Track chemistry
  • Keep tabs on work orders and team tasks
  • Understand COGS and how costs change over time
  • View lot volume and vessel locations
  • Gain clarity on lot history

In addition to the updated production features, the Ekos platform integrates with accounting, POS, and eCommerce systems (like QuickBooks and Commerce7) to create a connected end-to-end solution. Any business in 2022 needs visibility — that’s exactly what Ekos’s winery business management platform provides.

Thomas Allen Vineyards and Winery use Ekos to manage operations across their business. Director of Operations Amy Aguilera said, “We looked for a solution for almost a year and found that Ekos was the perfect system to help us control our dry goods inventory, our wine production, our bottling, and our shipment activity.”

The Ekos team is dedicated to improving the day-to-day operations for winemakers and winery owners. The software is designed with winemakers in mind and is intended to connect inventory, production, sales, and accounting so they can focus on doing what they do best: making wine that customers will love.

To learn more about Ekos’s new production features and how its software can transform the way you run your business, sign up for a free webinar on June 14.



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