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Vinventions: Helping Winemakers Ensure Their Wines Presents as Intended


Vinventions’ mission is to help winemakers ensure that their wines presents as intended and to do so in a fully sustainable way. Our history and our future are anchored in that promise. Vinventions helped overcome the challenge of cork taint and food waste with the invention of Nomacorc. Today, one in seven bottles worldwide uses Vinventions’ zero-waste, zero-fault closures.

Oxygen management research is the heart of Vinventions’ research and development. Our team of enologists help wineries manage oxygen ingress so that wines develops as intended, eliminating faults and food waste.

In 2013, Vinventions launched the Nomacorc Green Line; the industry’s first carbon-neutral closure. Green Line closures contain up to 75% bio-sourced raw materials.

With SÜBR, Vinventions developed the world’s first cork-based closure without polyurethane glue. SÜBR is fully plant-based and offers consistent, low oxygen ingress for optimal freshness and cellar aging.

In 2021, Vinventions launched the Nomacorc Blue Line in Europe, a first of it’s kind closure that uses post-consumer recycled plastics.

Vinventions is building collection, sorting and recycling programs around the world. Each year, we collect and recycle more than 80 tons of closures. We also partner to upcycle our closures into household consumer products.

Sustainability starts at home, so our facilities use solar power and zero-waste processes. We also empower our employees to make a positive impact in their communities.

As wine making evolves, we believe we best serve our customers through sustainable innovation. Together with our customers, partners, and associates, we are creating a greener, healthier future. Visit us at booth #841 to learn how our closures and wine quality solutions tools can help with your sustainability goals.

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Vinventions’ closure solutions includes a portfolio of closure products and service brands designed to support the diverse requirements of still wine producers across five continents. We strives to provide closure solutions that maximize performance, design, and sustainability, thanks to our uniquely innovative brands that span major closure categories including Nomacorc , SÜBR Micro-Natural closures, and Vintop screwcaps.

The performance of Vinventions product brands are further enhanced by Wine Quality Solutions which include enological devices, equipment and services that improve the quality and consistency of wine through real-time quality control.

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