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Webinar to Share Latest Research on Smoke Impact in Wine


Registration now open for January 20th WAVEx webinar 

SEATTLE (January 13, 2022)— Wine grape growers and wineries are invited to register for an  upcoming webinar that will update the Washington State wine industry on the latest research  studying the impact of wildfire smoke on grapes and wine. The WAVEx webinar will be held  January 20, 2022, from 12:30-1:30 p.m.  

Dr. Tom Collins, Washington State University wine chemist and leading scientist on smoke impact  on wine, will lead the webinar. The Washington wine industry has supported Collins’ work on  smoke since 2016. Webinar topics include the potential use of barrier sprays in the vineyard  (kaolin and bentonite) as mitigation of smoke exposure; results of three years of study on timing  effects of smoke exposure; and a summary of creating a network of vineyard smoke sensors.  

Washington Advancements in Viticulture and Enology (WAVE) is the Washington State Wine  Commission’s seminar and webinar series focused on wine research. WAVEx is the condensed,  shorter webinar series. WSU is a co-sponsor of the WAVE and WAVEx events. 

Register for the free smoke research webinar here

About the Washington State Wine Commission: 

The Washington State Wine Commission (WSWC) represents every licensed winery and wine grape grower  in Washington State. Guided by an appointed board, WSWC provides a marketing platform to raise positive  awareness about the Washington wine industry and generate greater demand for its wines. Funded almost  entirely by the industry through assessments based on grape and wine sales, WSWC is a state government  agency, established by the legislature in 1987. Learn more at www.washingtonwine.org.  

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