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CaminoData Introduces LeadRank, the Big Data SaaS Software That Empowers Winery Sales Teams to Take Their Sales and Distribution to the Next Level


Wineries can hyper-focus their sales efforts by accessing detailed data on the more than 500k on-premise and retail accounts in CaminoData’s LeadRank software.

NAPA, Calif. – October 14, 2021– What are my brand’s top target accounts in a market? How does my distribution compare to my peers? Which on-premise accounts stopped carrying my wines this month?  CaminoData’s LeadRank, a breakthrough big data SaaS solution, provides customized data for the on and off-premise to answer these questions for winery sales teams and help them grow their points of distribution.

What is LeadRank?

At its core, LeadRank is a database with an unprecedented level of information on over 500k licensed accounts. Winery sales teams can gain back the time-consuming hours spent researching target accounts by accessing LeadRank’s easy-to-use interface, where advanced algorithms calculate, prioritize and display important account-level information in just seconds.

Wineries that use LeadRank have more productive market visits, more constructive distributor review meetings and, ultimately, more points of distribution in the market. 

“We initially signed on with CaminoData because our small team needed up-to-date target account lists nationwide, and we do not have the time for intensive, slow account research.” said Marc Guerguy, National Sales Manager at DuMOL. “Since we started using LeadRank in 2020, we have stayed focused on — and gained distribution in — our top priority accounts. We have also brought on many accounts that were outside of our distributors’ channel of distribution. Our sales team is thriving, our distributor relationships are stronger, we are making better data driven decisions, and we are looking at another year of excellent growth in no small part due to CaminoData and LeadRank.”

Improving Distributor Relationships

LeadRank empowers wineries to communicate focused target account lists to their distributors and brokers, enabling these relationships to grow stronger. With LeadRank, a distributor can access where a winery wants their brand placed, while the winery can report the resulting distribution success versus its competitors over time.

“The ability to target accounts based on where we will be successful, and then point our team and our distributors in a direction that increases placements, saves valuable time and money. LeadRank is our key to on and off-premise,” said Jordan Kivelstadt, Founder of Kivelstadt Cellars.

“During my 10+ years in beverage sales, I was confronted with how time-consuming it was for sales teams to research and prioritize target accounts,” said David Minnick, CEO and Founder of CaminoData. “It was inefficient and, often, due to outdated data sources, ineffective. The primary goal of CaminoData is to eliminate that work for winery sales teams utilizing advanced algorithms, to give them easy access to continually-updated, in-depth account information so that they can focus on what they do best – selling!”

About CaminoData:

Based in Napa Valley, CaminoData provides brands with highly actionable sales data and account information. Built for salespeople, by salespeople, its innovative LeadRank platform contains the most comprehensive dataset about on and off-premise licensed accounts. For more information on the company, please visit: https://www.caminodata.com.

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