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3 Badge Beverage Corporation Extends Bozal Line with 3 New Mezcals


Sonoma, Calif. (March 6, 2019) – 3 Badge Beverage Corporation has just introduced three new mezcals to the Bozal line. Bozal, sold in select U.S. markets by the company’s spirits division, 3 Badge Mixology, has now released 11 artisan mezcals made from wild Mexican agave.

Bozal Tepeztate, Single Maguey ($80) is made from Marmorata agave in the town of Santa Ana del Rio in the state of Oaxaca. It is crafted in a very distinctive manner, following the 200-year-old tradition of cooking agave hearts in earthen pit ovens and then crushing them by a stone tahona wheel turned by a horse. The mezcal is then purified through a double distillation process. Bozal Tepeztate has herbaceous aromas with white pepper flavors and a spicy finish.

Bozal Tobalá, Reserva ($129) is made from Potatorum Agave, which comes from San Juan Bautista Jayacatlán in the state of Oaxaca. An artisanal approach is used during production to create an unadulterated style of mezcal. Bright and fresh, this reserve mezcal offers fruit-forward aromas of melon and apricot.

Bozal Chino Verde, Reserva ($129) comes from Sola de Vega in the state of Oaxaca. Without the addition of artificial yeast, open-air wood tub fermentation allows the sugars to ferment. The rare and limitedly released Chino Verde mezcal offers aromas of earth, dried herbs and burlap with a soft smokiness.

“The exotically intense character and flavors in these mezcals were created using 200-year-old artisanal techniques,” noted August Sebastiani, president of 3 Badge Beverage Corporation. “Bozal Mezcal is an exploration of wild, varietal agave and an adventure in handmade spirits that reflect their place of origin.”

Bozal, which means “wild” or “untamed” in Spanish, references the wild species of agave grown in hard-to-reach, uncultivated hillsides of Oaxaca and Guerrero. The distinctive, rustic ceramic Bozal bottles, with a different earth tone color for each variety, allude to the traditional terra cotta copitas sometimes used for drinking mezcal. The labels are printed on naturally flecked paper with an embossed logo, production specifications, perforated holes and the batch number stamp.

Bozal Mezcal is available from 3 Badge Mixology, the spirits division of 3 Badge Beverage Corporation. The company is located at 32 Patten Street, Sonoma, CA 95476. The telephone number is (707) 996-8463. Learn more at 3badge.com.

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