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Western Square Industries and EQX Global Announce a Seismic Safety Product for Barrel Rooms


November 7, 2018 – Western Square Industries and EQX Global are pleased to announce the introduction of their SEISMIC SAFETY SYSTEM designed to increase barrel room safety and minimize potential earthquake damage. 

After numerous prototypes and many months of research and testing, Western Square Industries and EQX Global have developed a SEISMIC SAFETY TRAY to fit beneath a stack of barrels. In conjunction with an epoxy coated floor, it is designed to reduce the effect of seismic shock waves. Test results of the SEISMIC SAFETY TRAY at the University of California, Berkeley’s Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center are available for review including shake table videos showing how the SEISMIC SAFETY SYSTEM is effective during a seismic event.

This patented technology by EQX Global is already being successfully used for computer server cabinets, laboratories and valuable art pieces in museums around the world. 

“We have been researching and evaluating numerous seismic solution alternatives since the August 2014 South Napa earthquake” stated Trygve Mikkelsen, CEO of Western Square Industries. “And we have now found the best answer to improve barrel room safety and minimize barrel room earthquake damage.”

Western Square Industries and EQX Global want to thank and recognize their industry partners: Rombauer Vineyards, Silver Oak Cellars and Trinchero Family Estates for their contributions of time, materials and manpower to make this a commercial product.

“We are excited to have translated this sliding technology from our existing business to the wine, beer and spirits industries” said Paul Segas, co-owner, EQX Global. “As a winery owner in Napa Valley, this product is very important to me.”

EQX Global LLC is a research and engineering company dedicated to providing base isolation solutions to protect against earthquake damage. Typical applications involve high value assets such as data centers, hospitals, museums, manufacturing equipment, warehouses, laboratories and anywhere it is important to protect critical assets. Safety, business continuity and preservation of irreplaceable items are the goal of the system design.

Western Square is the world market leader in the manufacturing of barrel racks and barrel pallets for the winery, brewery and distillery industries. Western Square is also active worldwide in the manufacturing and sales of specialized racks for the bottled water industry. The company has a farm equipment division and a vineyard equipment division in addition to the two specialized rack product categories. Western Square products are manufactured in America. 

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