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Afternoon Brief, April 10th

Scientists Launch Wine Bottle Washing Project in Finger Lakes, New York: Glass scientists in New York State are studying ways to wash and reuse wine bottles in order to mitigate rising costs for Finger Lakes producers...

World Leader in Manufacturing Barrel Racks and Barrel Pallets

Western Square Industries, family owned and operated, was founded in 1976. Located in Stockton CA, Western Square is the world leader in the manufacturing...

Afternoon Brief, June 7th

Pix Poised to Re-Emerge Despite Legal and Financial Challenges: Paul Mabray started Pix in late 2020 and launched it the following year. The company cut most all its writers and editors in August 2022 after a round of funding didn’t materialize, but next week a customer-focused website portal for vintners and retailers called Pix Business is set for rollout...

Afternoon Brief, March 9th

California Wine Country’s Race to Build Wine Palaces: Today, there are over 8,000 legally bonded wineries in America with California leading with over 4,763 in 2021 according to Statista. Even Alaska has 24 wineries. While the total number of wineries has doubled since 2009, the production of wine has only gone up 3% in the same period. So, why has the number of wineries increased much faster than the actual gross production of wine?

Afternoon Brief, February 1st

How a California Premium Winery Quickly Flipped Its Boomer-Dominated Consumer Base to Younger Generations: Amid more sobering reports this month that wine is becoming an increasingly tougher sell to younger, diverse generations came two surprising signs that the industry can quickly and successfully change course...

Industry Leader for Barrel Rack Systems

Western Square’s Barrel Master stacking system provides the most visibility and accessibility to your barrels with a more stable footprint. This rack-on-rack structure allows...

Afternoon Brief, January 9th

Barolo Icon Luciano Sandrone Dies at 76: Luciano Sandrone, a vintner who was part of a movement to elevate quality in Barolo for more than four decades, died after a lengthy battle with cancer...

Afternoon Brief, December 20th

Has Wine Country Become Too Expensive for Its Own Good?: One thing became very clear over the course of this year: Visiting Wine Country has gotten really expensive...

Industry Leader for Barrel Rack System

Western Square’s Barrel Master stacking system provides the most visibility and accessibility to your barrels with a more stable footprint. This rack-on-rack structure allows...

Access Your Barrels with the Barrel Master

This year at Unified 2020, we will be showcasing our Barrel Master. This system comes with wheels or with standard Western Square cradles. With...

Afternoon Brief, December 16

Liz Paquette, Director of Brand and Head of Consumer Insights at Drizly predicts that 2020 is going to bring an explosion of non-traditional packaging variants, with a particular focus on the Ready to Drink (RTD) segment, where packaging plays a key role ...

Afternoon Brief, August 13

Notable Sonoma County Wine Executive's Vineyard Business Firm Accused of Water Quality Violations - Prominent Sonoma County wine executive Hugh Reimers, who last month abruptly left as president of Foley Family Wines, faces allegations that his grape growing company has violated regional, state and federal water quality laws for improperly clearing land near Cloverdale to build a vineyard ...

Afternoon Brief, May 7

How Women’s Sexuality Is Used to Sell Wine: What should I wear to work? It may sound innocuous, but this loaded question was at the heart of a lively and controversial panel discussion that closed out the Bâtonnage Forum, held May 4 at a private estate in Napa, California ...

Afternoon Brief, March 26

New Collective Brings Applied Research, Collaboration to Winemaking Community: Winemakers have been long been among the original experimenters; that is, those willing to employ trial and error methodologies and information gleaned from other colleagues to continually improve their vintages ...

Afternoon Brief, November 20

Feds Shut Down Controversial Elouan Wine Labels: California winery Copper Cane has been ordered by the federal government to change the labels on its Elouan wines, which are made in California but labeled as Oregon wines and sold as such by retailers.