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Vintner George Troquato Announces Consulting Services: Troquato Creative Wine Consulting Offers Winemaking from Soil to Cellar


San Jose, CA, October 23, 2018—Third generation winemaker, George Troquato, has been making wine from many of California’s foremost growing regions for over 30 years. Although he’s particularly fond of old vine Zin, he has made a name for himself during his years of crafting award-winning chardonnay, pinot noir, cabernet and Bordeaux blends from the Santa Cruz Mountains, Santa Clara Valley, Alexander Valley, Dry Creek, Lake County, Napa Valley, Paso Robles, Lodi, Edna Valley and Contra Costa County.

Troquato has been the winemaker at Cinnabar Winery since 1990, and made the first five vintages of Testarossa, from 1994—1998. After graduating from Cal Poly with a degree in Crop Science in 1985, George apprenticed with his father at Troquato Vineyards, at J. Lohr and in the Beaujolais region of France, before taking his longheld post at Cinnabar Winery.

With the launch of his wine consultancy, he aims to to assist both amateur and professional winemakers at every level.  

Says Troquato, “My experience and flexibility can help anyone who wants to make better wines, whether it’s blending wines in barrel, helping to establish a vineyard, or managing an entire wine program from start to finish.”

Troquato’s versatility makes him ideal for developing long-term strategies for vineyard management, cellar practices, production and marketing. He can also advise on site selections for planting, assist with grape purchasing decisions and can optimize existing wine programs, as well has help new producers set themselves up for success with comparative wine tasting analysis.

“My holistic approach to winemaking begins with promoting healthy, balanced vines that can provide the foundation for extraordinary wines. I am committed to making the best wine possible with whatever Mother Nature hands us each year, whether they are perfect grapes of those in need of nurturing,” says Troquato.

Client Testimonials

Manish Subramanian has been making wine since 2009, both from a home vineyard and from fruit purchased in the Livermore Valley. He found out about Troquato’s consulting services through the Home Vintners Association, where Troquato gave a talk on pre-harvest preparation and successful harvest execution. Subramanian subsequently engaged Troquato’s services to evaluate the various lots of wine he was about to bottle.

Says Subramanian, “George added incredible value every minute he was here.  He tasted all our wines and offered super-helpful tips, on which wines were good to bottle as is, which would benefit from blending, which from acid addition, etc.  Then he helped us get started with our bottling, by fixing our rookie mistakes!  Thanks to George, our bottled wines will be way better now than they would have been without him.
I realize we were first timers and most folks here are experts –  but I still feel very confident that George’s experience and insights will help take your wines up a couple of notches. I’m not normally very effusive in my praise, but the value George delivered in the 2 hours he spent with us was priceless!”

Another satisfied client of Troquato Creative Wine Consulting Services is Victor Moroz.  He has a vineyard off of Bohlman Rd. in Saratoga planted to Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, and, Syrah planted in ’09.  Moroz started making wine in 2012, and Troquato has been consulting on his vineyard and wines since 2014.

Says Victor Moroz, “George is a rare breed.  You don’t typically find people with such a level of enthusiasm, where the person goes beyond normal duties and tells you not only what is suggested in your specific case based on huge experience, but also tells you what is behind the suggestion so you can learn how to act in the future in similar situations.  It’s very easy to communicate with George, but your problem will be to stop him from doing your job for you!”

Troquato Creative Wine Consulting Services can be reached at 408-621-0761 or [email protected]

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