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If You Were Offered a $1,700 AED for Free, Would You Take It?


Sebastopol, CA, March 12, 2018: It must be noted that in order to receive this $1,700 ZOLL Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)

  • You must be a Sonoma County winery
  • Someone within your company is required to have an American Red Cross training for – only – $60.00
    • Because, once the AED shock IS delivered, the next step is Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

This is a program started by Ron Rubin of Ron Rubin Winery, and is progressively growing in Sonoma County. ALL 450 Sonoma County wineries are eligible to receive this free ZOLL AED. Email Ron Rubin at [email protected], with any questions or to simply enroll in Trained For “Saving Lives” program.


When a crisis arises, most people freeze, due to feelings of completely helpless. And, without an AED, unless someone is also trained in CPR, people pretty much are helpless. Once a heart stops beating, time is of the essence. When you call for an ambulance, you have to wait for the EMT crew to arrive… Time and life are slipping away, exponentially by the seconds.  You only have minutes to revive someone, who will then have the best recovery chances possible. So, having one of these AED life saving devices is a godsend, in so many ways.

And this AED is free… Just invest a minimum of $60 and it’s yours, Sonoma County wine companies.

Having an AED on the wall means success

  1. But… Someone needs to be trained to build confidence, so that the trained person takes the initiative
  2. … And then knows how to follow up with CPR
  • Who Now Has an AED on the Wall in Sonoma County?
  • To Know What it Looks Like and How Used…
  • Check it out, below this list of Heart Heroes.

Sonoma County AED leaders Trained For “Saving Lives”

  1. ACORN Winery, Healdsburg
  2. Amista Vineyards, Healdsburg
  3. Amphora Wines, Healdsburg
  4. Armida Winery, Healdsburg
  5. Asti Winery, Cloverdale
  6. Balletto Wines, Santa Rosa
  7. Blue Rock, Cloverdale
  8. Buena Vista, Sonoma
  9. C. Donatiello Winery, Healdsburg
  10. Carol Shelton Wines, Santa Rosa
  11. Cast Wines, Geyserville
  12. Cartograph Wines, Healdsburg
  13. Cattleya Wines, Santa Rosa
  14. Christopher Creek Winery, Healdsburg
  15. Comstock Wines, Healdsburg
  16. DeLoach Vineyards, Santa Rosa
  17. DeLorimier Winery, Geyserville
  18. DRNK Winery, Sebastopol
  19. Dry Creek Winery, Healdsburg
  20. DuMol Winery, Windsor
  21. Dutton-Goldfield Winery, Sebastopol
  22. F. Teldeschi Winery, Dry Creek Valley
  23. Family Wineries Dry Creek, Healdsburg
  24. Francis Ford Coppola, Geyserville
  25. Frei Brothers, Healdsburg
  26. GC Lurton Vineyard, Healdsburg
  27. Grand Cru, Windsor
  28. Hamel Family Wines, Sonoma
  29. Hanna Winery, Healdsburg
  30. Hook & Ladder Winery, Santa Rosa
  31. Idell Family Vineyards, Sonoma
  32. J Vineyards & Winery, Healdsburg
  33. Keller Estate, Petaluma
  34. Kistler Vineyards, Sebastopol
  35. Korbel Winery, Guerneville
  36. Laurel Glen Vineyard, Glen Ellen
  37. Lauterbach Cellars, Windsor
  38. Lynmar Estate, Sebastopol
  39. Matrix Winery, Healdsburg
  40. Mauritson Wines, Healdsburg
  41. Mazzocco Sonoma, Healdsburg
  42. Medlock Ames Winery, Healdsburg
  43. Merriam Vineyards, Healdsburg
  44. Merry Edwards Winery, Sebastopol
  45. Michael David Winery, Geyserville
  46. Moshin Vineyards, Healdsburg
  47. Muscardini Cellars, Kenwood
  48. Nalle Winery, Healdsburg CA
  49. Old World Winery, Fulton
  50. Owl Ridge Wines, Sebastopol
  51. Papapietro Perry Winery, Healdsburg
  52. Patz & Hall, Sonoma
  53. Pedroncelli Winery, Geyserville
  54. Pezzi King, Healdsburg
  55. Rack & Riddle, Healdsburg
  56. Ramey Wine Cellars, Healdsburg
  57. Robert Young Estate Winery, Geyserville
  58. Rockpile Vineyards, Healdsburg
  59. Ron Rubin Winery, Sebastopol
  60. Rued Winery, Healdsburg
  61. Russian River Vineyards. Forestville
  62. Schug Carneros Estate Winery, Sonoma
  63. Simoncini Vineyards, Healdsburg
  64. Soda Rock, Healdsburg
  65. St. Anne’s Crossing Winery, Kenwood
  66. Sugarloaf, Santa Rosa
  67. Taft Street Winery, Sebastopol
  68. Tara Bella Winery, Santa Rosa
  69. Thomas George Estates Winery, Healdsburg
  70. Three Sticks Winery, Sonoma
  71. Trattore Estate Wines, Geyserville
  72. Truett Hurst Winery, Healdsburg
  73. Vinify Wine, Santa Rosa
  74. Virginia Dare, Geyserville
  75. West Winery, Healdsburg
  76. Wilson Winery, Healdsburg
  77. Woodenhead Vintners, Forestville

Contact Ron Rubin: [email protected] to become enrolled.



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