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New Documentary Focuses on the Lighter Side of Life, with Aperitifs for the Soul


Keep Calm and Have a Cocktail

Focusing on exotic locales and beautifully handmade libations, Zan Media’s newest documentary A Cocktail Orange, is being lauded as a “refreshing elixir to cure any Dump Trump” blues.

Filmed throughout California and Hawaii, and featuring such bars as Mick Fleetwood’s Fleetwood’s on Front Street and Willie Nelson’s Charley’s Saloon, the documentary also includes detailed recipes for drinks like the “The Mai Tyler,” “The Selfie,” and the “The Doris Day,” letting the audience create these delicious drinks at home.

Sprinkled with informative history and how-to’s on sherry, herbed-wine, and spirits like gin, whiskey, brandy, and interviews with some of the leading cocktail creators and innovators in today’s spirits world, “A Cocktail Orange” continues the anthology that started with A Passion for the Vine, and Routes to Routes, Napa & Sonoma.

All three documentaries are now streaming on Amazon Video on Demand.  Check out the trailer for A Cocktail Orange here.

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