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Tonnellerie Ô Launches Single Mill Series


American Oak Barrels from Stave Mill Partners in Minnesota, Missouri and Virginia

January 31, 2017—Benicia, CA—Tonnellerie Ô, the Benicia cooperage, has released a new line of American oak barrels, the Single Mill Series, crafted with pride in collaboration with family-owned stave mill partners in Minnesota, Missouri and Virginia.

“We’re excited to highlight the unique characteristics of these American forests from our stave mill partners,” says Quinn Roberts, Master Cooper at Tonnellerie Ô. “By offering barrels made exclusively from wood harvested by individual mills in diverse regions, we’re giving winemakers and distillers a wide range of oak profiles to choose from.”

The cooperage also extends the seasoning of the staves chosen for their Single Mill Series to 36 months to achieve the most elegant expression of American oak in the finished barrel.

Tonnellerie Ô produces its Single Mill Series barrels in the following formats—the 200L, 225L, 228L and 265L, with a thin-stave option available for the 225L format. Available toasts include blond, medium, medium-plus and heavy, and toasts may also be customized for customer’s specific wines.

About Tonnellerie Ô

Tonnellerie Ô is a state-of-the-art cooperage near the heart of Northern California wine country, where artisan coopers hand-craft, hand-toast and hand-finish French and American oak barrels. Production methods feature innovative design and equipment from R. Monnot, SA, including a multi-stage jointer that is one of a handful of its kind in the world. In addition to pioneering technology, our coopers employ time-honored practices, such as barrel toasting in our traditional 2,500 square foot brick lined toasting room. Collectively, our Master Cooper and his team have nearly a century of experience crafting artisan barrels. For more information on Tonnellerie Ô, please visit: www.tonnellerieo.com.




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