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Vivelys Selects G3 Enterprises as U.S. Distributor for Boisé Oak Chips


High-Quality French Oak Chips Offer Consistency and an Innovative Range of Offerings to Create Precise Wine Profiles

G3 Enterprises 300x200MODESTO, Calif.  (July 8, 2016) — The Oeneo Group and G3 Enterprises, Inc. announced today that they will expand their partnership to include exclusive U.S. distribution of the Boisé® brand, a line of premium oak products helping winemakers to create precise and consistent wine profiles. Owned by the French company Vivelys, the Boisé brand is recognized as a world leader in innovative oak alternatives.

“Our goal is to combine the Boisé technical expertise with the strong sales and customer service of G3,” said Fida Bouchabke, CEO of Vivelys. She added, “G3 understands that Boisé oak chips enable winemakers to create very precise and consistent wine profiles, making the chips superior to other oak alternative products currently on the market.”

Boisé shares the same winemaking vision as its parent company, Vivelys: to enhance and customize the heritage of wine by integrating innovation at the heart of the production line.   Boisé focuses on French Quercus Cecile Oak, which is considered among the very best oak wood available. Each of the eleven available chip styles has specific organoleptic characteristics that enable the winemaker to directly impact the wine aromatic profile and the balance in the mouth.

“We are excited to expand our partnership with Oeneo.  Together, we’ve had great success with DIAM cork closures and we are confident we’ll achieve similar success for Vivelys’ Boisé oak chips,” said Mihailo Panovich, Vice President of Sales for G3 Enterprises.  He added, “We look forward to leveraging G3’s strong sales and customer service support to meet the needs of winemakers throughout the country.”

While G3 will bring its wide distribution network and customer service expertise to the partnership, Vivelys will continue to have consultants based in California to help address customer needs and answer technical questions about the oak chips.

“We are pleased to work with our partners at G3 Enterprises to enhance Boisé® oak chips’ position in the U.S. wine market,” said Francois Moriniere, CEO of Oeneo.  He added, “This partnership has been very effective and we’re excited to now begin focusing on Boisé®.”

Wood Chips Boisé3 sans logos

Photo Credit: Vivelys

About G3 Enterprises, Inc.:

G3 Enterprises is an industry-leading packaging manufacturer and logistics provider.  G3 Enterprises leverages its wide breadth of expertise to help wineries by focusing on innovation, quality, and technical services.  The company offers exclusive products and services in the following areas:  custom and stock closures with a wide range of options; custom label printing; warehousing and third-party logistics services; transportation; full-service bottling (on-site and mobile capabilities); winery services; glass distribution; bottle etching and decorating; and comprehensive technical and lab services.  G3’s unique competitive edge goes beyond its wide range of product and service offerings, and focuses on its experienced employees, who have accumulated knowledge across diverse businesses.  The company provides value-added manufacturing services such as pre-bottling line check-ups and set-ups.  G3’s team specializes in oxygen management control in packaging components, including cork, cap, glass, box, single-serve, and PET keg, process modeling and optimization using advanced analytics, and provides consultation and testing for all of its packaging..  For more information about G3 Enterprises, visit: www.G3enterprises.com or call   1-800-321-8747.

About Oeneo and Vivelys:

Oeneo is an international group dedicated to serving wine and spirits producers through two activities:

  • Aging: with its two subsidiaries, Seguin-Moreau Cooperage and Vivelys innovative solutions, and
  • Closures: with its two subsidiaries, DIAM and Piedade Cork Closures.

Vivelys has provided innovative solutions and consulting support at different stages of wine production since 1995: sensory, microbiology, vineyard and cellar. With office locations in five major wine producing countries around the world, the company commits 10% of its income each year to research and development.  All Vivelys products are made from high-quality oak chips in France.  For more information, visit: http://us.boise.vivelys.com/  or email usa@vivelys.com



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