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Maverick Announced Metal User of the Year by Platts Global Metals Awards


Maverick Logo ColorMaverick Enterprises is pleased to announce that we have just been named the 2016 Platts Global Metals Awards winner for Metals User of the Year.

This award honors the customers of metals producers who have built on the industry’s spirit of innovation by implementing leading-edge applications that have changed the way our customers use finished products. The judges also consider initiatives that have generated considerable cost or energy savings and resulted in improved efficiency in the use of particular finished metal products, enabling customers to use certain products in a new, more beneficial way.

This immense achievement Maverick has accomplished goes hand in hand with the dedication to sustainability, efficiency and overall exceedingly high quality products Maverick Enterprises produces. We are very honored to accept this award as we expand our range of accomplishments in the industry for our customers as the premiere secondary closure supplier.

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