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RX misano Made for the Winemaker of Today and the Future


The new RX misano was built to fit the needs of winemakers in small to medium sized wineries. “After speaking to many of them we took into consideration the complete process, identified their individual and common needs, and created a semi-automated analyser that is extremely easy to use and highly accurate,” says Krista Kelly, Randox Food Diagnostics.

One of the main challenges that winemakers identified was the time it took to get results from outsourced laboratories. “Obviously, the longer the winemaker has to wait for results, the more likely it is to affect the quality of the wine,” Kelly explains. “With this in mind, the RX misano was designed to be firstly, as easy as possible to use, and secondly, to produce results quickly.”

The RX misano is capable of analysing wine samples throughout the winemaking process, specifically to give quantifiable results for acids, sugars and sulphurs, to name a few. And results are generated in as quickly as 8 minutes for some tests. “Getting results in real time means winemakers can make fast decisions, to protect their quality,” says Kelly.

The RX misano packs game changing and forward thinking features including; an extended range of wavelengths and the open channels. The analyser comes with wavelengths between 340nm and 700nm and also the option for an additional wavelength of 280nm which allows for color analysis.

“The feedback we have received so far has been very positive,” says Kelly. “Our early adopters have been very pleased with the results they are getting and have commented on how easy it is to use.”

Randox Food Diagnostics has also completed extensive validations and quality control exercises with outstanding accuracy within +/- 1% of UKAS accredited reference materials.

“Wine quality is the major factor for winemakers; they all want to make sure the product they bottle is the best it can be,” says Kelly, “and the RX misano helps them to ensure the excellence of their wine.”

The RX misano is used alongside Randox Food’s range of high quality wine analysis reagents by winemakers who aren’t running enough tests to justify a large automated machine like the RX monaco, but who want to make sure their product is premium.

The open channel system provides flexibility, meaning winemakers can add more parameters to their test menu. While winemakers might not test for a particular parameter now, if they want to in the future, they can add additional parameters to the system.

“It’s a versatile machine that fits the needs of the individual winemaker,” says Kelly, “and Randox Food is also constantly developing new tests, so if we don’t offer what you need now; ask us, and our research and development team may be working on it for future release.”



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