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Environmentally Conscientious BPSGLASS Brings Glass Expertise to California Wine Market



BPSGLASS, a second-generation family business, is poised to launch operations in California, bringing with it fifty-eight years of expertise and dominance in the South American alcohol beverage marketplace, plus all the knowledge on the Chilean Wine Industry.

BPSGLASS began by manufacturing Spirits bottles in Chile and distributing in the region, creating a Partnership with CRISTORO more than two decades ago. The company rapidly expanded into packaging solutions for the Central American, Caribbean and South American wine regions, and will now bring its production techniques to California, where 90 percent of the U.S. wine market is located.

“We have developed a customized, personalized service to assist with every step of the glass production process,” attests Carlos Baez, the Commercial Director for BPSGLASS. “We have a ‘make it happen’ attitude. That’s the formula for our success.”

Baez is immensely proud that BPSGLASS has a solid commitment to environmentalism. He points out that CRISTORO is the only factory in the world to use 90 percent recycled materials in the wine bottles production process. In addition, 33 percent of the energy used in the glass manufacture plant comes from its own wind generation farm.

“We also have an ecologic line of bottles that are very light; just 360 grams on 750ml wine bottles,” Baez further explains. “The lighter the bottle, the less raw material to melt, the less energy consumed to produce, less energy to transport. And the bottles are still very high quality. That’s the beauty.”

BPSGLASS offers a complete glass portfolio to its customers, with a wide range of product designs and an assortment of glass colors, including Amber, Dry Leaf, Champagne Green, Antique Green and Flint. In addition, the company’s management team will customize orders to client specifics and follow up with specialists and training, if needed.

“We have the expertise and science to take a different path and do a custom bottle with a competitive price and superior quality,” affirms Baez. “We sell bottles, we don’t sell problems. We solve problems.”

For more information and orders go to www.bps.com.pa.
Or contact us directly at: info@bps.com.pa.


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