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Demand for Diam 30 Closures Continues to Grow


New Factory and Strategic Partners are Keys to Meeting Demand

Diam30NAPA, Calif. (January 21, 2016) – In just two years since its introduction, Diam 30 has quickly become one of Diam Bouchage’s most successful closures with an average annual growth rate of 25% worldwide and sales in 18 countries around the world.  As a result, Diam opened a new factory in France last summer to support growing demand for their closures.

“When we introduced Diam 30, we knew its unique attributes and 30-year guarantee would quickly make it the closure of choice for winemakers and winery owners,” said Francois Margot, Diam Bouchage Sales Manager for North America and China. He added, “Diam 30 has surpassed every expectation to become an important alternative for many wineries.”

The closure was developed for high-end wines by Diam Bouchage after years of research. Diam 30 has one of the lowest permeability rates of any closure with a controlled oxygen intake on the market. Its manufacturing process guarantees winemakers absolute consistency from one closure to another which assures a slow, consistent aging process throughout the wine’s cellaring period. In addition, the patented DIAMANT® process means every Diam 30 closure can guarantee no cork TCA* and will guard against many other molecules that would result in off aromas or flavors.

“We are very proud of the number of outstanding wine brands using our closures. We appreciate our distribution partners who provide tremendous technical support critical to meeting the huge demand for Diam 30,” said Margot.

G3 Enterprises is the exclusive distributor of all Diam products in the United States, Canada and Mexico. As part of the growing demand for Diam closures, G3 Enterprises recently completed a series of upgrades to its cork room to boost capacity to produce high-quality Diam closures and to improve application consistency and efficiency. With the upgrades, G3 can now handle a batch range from 6,000 to 20,000 corks, improve coating application, ensure appropriate coating quantity, and reduce potential for mixed cork. In addition, G3 Enterprises offers best-in-class technical knowledge and sales support to make it very convenient for wineries throughout North America to access DIAM closures.

Diam Bouchage is a leader in manufacturing technological corks including Diam for still wines, Mytik for sparkling wines and Altop for spirits with options in wine aging potential, permeability, dimensions and branding. Its production facilities are ISO 22000 and FSC certified. For more than ten years the company has invested in a patented process called DIAMANT® which exploits the properties of CO2 to extract the volatile compounds of cork and eliminate the risk of “cork taint.” Each year, the company sells more than one billion closures around the world.

*Releasable TCA ≤ to measurable limit of 0.3 ng/l

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