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Wines from Santorini going Coast to Coast Tastings with a variation on a theme… Assyrtiko


Santorini Volcanic Terroiristas UNITE9 June NY – 11 June SF – 20 June Aspen 2015 – From the Island where vin de terroir was born, the wineries of Santorini presented their wines made from the amazing Assyrtiko grape to New York and San Francisco’s top trade and media, and will do the same this weekend in Aspen at The Little Nell. This unique, volcanic microclimate features wines produced from un-grafted rootstock, dating back hundreds of years and provides answers to the mystery of where minerality comes from. Santorini winemakers were also on hand to present a variety of styles that this poly-dynamic grape produces, including fresh, aged and oak fermented wines, as well as the original Vinsanto and the island’s first release of sparkling Assyrtiko.

Prior to each Grand Tasting, Levi Dalton at Racines in New York and Tony Cha at La Mar in San Francisco, (both considered a “somelier’s sommelier”), presided over exclusive Round Table discussions with top trade and island winemakers, for an in-depth look at this unique volcanic terroir and the evolution of the Assyrtiko variety which has survived hostile conditions for over 4000 years to thrive and produce wines that rival the top whites of the world. “I’ve been a couple of times now to Santorini and I think we are seeing amazing wines, but it is still the early days. I am curious to see where things go as more single vineyard wines are produced and the nuances from the different plots of Assyrtiko grown all over the island are revealed” says podcaster, Levi Dalton.

Greek wines are now beginning to reach critical mass in trend-setting markets like New York and San Francisco as they become regulars on mainstream wine lists around the country. It’s no coincidence that Assyrtiko from Santorini, a Somm’s best friend, is helping lead the way as Greek wines create their own niche in the US wine market. “Although I love the fresh, steel fermented Assyrtikos, it’s pretty amazing to see how well these wines can age, including oak fermented styles, and the changes they go through” said Binwise co-founder, Tony Cha.

Assyrtiko & Oysters in Aspen: Wines from Santorini will make a stop in Aspen at The Little Nell during the Food and Wine Classic this Saturday, June 20, from 5pm-8pm. So, if you’re going to spend the weekend in Aspen at this glorious celebration of food and wine, plan to take a break from the beautiful people and join us for a taste of Santorini.

About Wines from Santorini
WFS is a regional campaign in the US market representing the wineries of Santorini in their efforts to bring about awareness of Santorini’s culture of wine and the PDO/PGI wines produced there.

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