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Oenofrance USA LLC Grants Davison Winery Supplies Exclusive Oregon Distribution Rights


Oenofrance USAPetaluma, CA. Oenofrance USA LLC, leaders in winemaking supply and biotechnology, has announced Davison Winery Supplies as their exclusive distributor for the state of Oregon. Since beginning operations in California last August, Oenofrance USA has been expanding their network, and are now pleased to include Davison, a highly regarded and trusted outlet for winery supplies and additives based in Northern Oregon.

Commenting on the partnership announcement, Oenofrance CEO Didier Fages said, “Davison Winery Supplies has been a recognized and trusted force in the development of the wine industry in Oregon for the last 18 years, and we are proud that they have chosen to represent and distribute our products. Our teams of researchers and winemakers work extremely hard to develop the most innovative technologies to stay ahead of the game, and Oenofrance could not hope for a better partner to assist us in reaching and helping our customers meet their winemaking objectives.”


Founded in 1943, Oenofrance has spent the last 71 years designing specifically-formulated enological and stabilizing products to address specific issues in the winemaking process. Oenofrance’s most notable contributions to the winemaking world include: the development of the very first yeast specifically selected for production of aromatic white wines, production of the first gelatin by enzymatic hydrolysis with unique control of the hydrolysis degree, and designing protocols for production of freeze-dried lactic bacteria. Today, Oenofrance continues to revolutionize the world of enological products and winemaking techniques by developing a range of bio-technologies that puts emphasis on highlighting the terroir component of each estate they work with and enhancing the aromatic impact of each wine.


The Davisons have been in the parts and industrial supply business for over 8 decades, serving a diverse range of industries in the Pacific Northwest. In 1996 Davison Winery Supplies was started to provide specialized parts, tools, and equipment to the rapidly growing local wine industry and expanded in 2001 with a new retail space, and warehouse for larger items – tanks, bottling lines, destemmers, presses, and bulk chemicals. With every harvest Davison Winery Supplies continues to grow and has become an important hub of resources for local winemakers.