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Saxco International Assists Luxco with Upscaling and Refreshing Packaging for its Award-Winning Pearl Vodka Brand


Pearl VodkaIn an effort to meet the needs of consumers and generate excitement for its award-winning Pearl Vodka® brand, Luxco, Inc., of St. Louis, Missouri, is upscaling and refreshing its packaging and adding three new flavors.

To assist with the all-important packaging aspect of the project, it called upon Saxco International, LCC, of Horsham, PA, world-wide packaging specialists for the wine, spirits, beer and food industries and its vast global resource network. “Our role was to help create a vibrant new contemporary appearance that would be strikingly noticeable to the eye and provide a prominent and marked shelf appearance,” says Rob Belke, vice president of sales at Saxco International. “Working closely with the brand’s manager and their design team, Saxco also had to complete its part of the project within the required time and budget parameters.”

As part of the new upgraded packaging that is more commensurate with the brand’s distinctive taste-classic, clean and smooth, Saxco sourced and supplied a high quality private mold flint glass bottle with a special beveled glass inset to showcase the new label designs.  The glass was provided in two sizes—750 ML and 1L.

The bottle additionally featured a new long neck to accommodate the embossed twist off metal closure. To complete its part of the project, Saxco also provided a transparent tamper-evident capsule which allowed the embossed Pearl logo positioned on the top of the silver metal cap to be viewed through it.

“Pearl Vodka’s new packaging better reflects the brand’s premium quality and taste” says Ashley Ulkus, brand manager at Luxco. “The new bottle and closure is more closely aligned with the refinement of the brand and the new labels create a streamlined and eye catching look which we believe will allow for an enhanced display presence, both on and off premises and in home bars.”

Pearl Vodka also is introducing three new flavors—Lime Basil, Strawberry Basil and Vanilla Bean-made with natural flavors rounding out its individual offerings at 15. “Consumers are looking for more herbaceous flavors for their cocktails and these unique flavors fill the gap in the current offerings,” relates Ulkus.

Strawberry Basil brings together a refreshing mix of red, ripe juicy strawberries with a subtle touch of garden fresh basil for a taste that celebrates the season. It’s great over ice with lemonade, club soda and a splash of fresh lime.

Lime Basil brings together the zest of a lime and the alluring aroma of fresh basil, the perfect combination of citrus and herbs for a refreshing spirit. Consumers can enjoy it over ice with lemon-lime soda, grapefruit juice, and a splash of sweet and sour mix.

Vanilla Bean combines the smooth delicate vanilla bean flavors found in ice cream with hints of butterscotch and chocolate for a delicious flavor. It’s an excellent mix with coffee, cream, ginger beer and cola.

Other flavors include Pearl Black (straight Vodka), Cucumber, Pomegrante, Peach, Red Berry, Plum, Blueberry, Coconut, Cherry, Grape, Citrus and Orange.

“We are targeting the Pearl Brand at male and female vodka enthusiasts, ages 25 to 40, who live active, adventurous and fun lifestyles,” explains Ulkus. “The females get the edge in our marketing approach.”

Pearl Vodka is being distributed nationally in the United States and also is being marketed to audiences in Canada. For more information about the brand, contact Ashley Ulkus, 314-880-0353 or visit the web at www.pearlvodka.com.

About Luxco, Inc.

Luxco, Inc. is a leading producer, importer and marketer of beverage alcohol products. Our mission is to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of our customers, associates and business partners. Founded in St. Louis in 1958, where it is headquartered, it is owned and operated by the Lux family. It’s portfolio brands include, Juarez Tequila & Triple Sec, Pearl Vodka, Everclear Grain Alcohol, Arrow Cordials, El Mayor Tequila, Ezra Brooks & Rebel Yell Bourbons, Lord Calvert Canadian Whisky, St. Brendan’s Irish Cream, Salvador’s Cocktails, Yago Sant’gria and others. Visit www.luxco.com.

About Saxco International, LLC           

Saxco International, LLC, “Your clear choice for premium packaging solutions,” has more than 30 years of industry experience, providing a broad range of packaging products and services to the liquor, wine, beer and food industries. The company’s products and services include expert consultation from design to development, as well as customized services for packing. Saxco is headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, Pennsylvania with offices and warehouses in Louisville, Kentucky, Concord and Napa, California, Portland, Oregon, Tampa, Florida, Toronto, Ontario, Cincinnati, Ohio, Mountainside, New Jersey, Statesville, North Carolina, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Denver, Colorado and Qingdao, China. For additional information call 215-443-8100, fax 215-443-8370 or on the web at www.saxco.com.

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