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Minsk Kristall Distillery Unveils Luxurious New Spirit


DeLuxe VodkaTop shelves are set to shimmer this month with the launch of an exclusive liquor originating from the iconic Minsk Kristall Distillery. Infused with a blend of pure gold and rare crystals, Deluxe Vodka is the embodiment of liquid luxury.

The spirit is defined by its smooth taste and crystal-clear liquidity, characteristics that are achieved by using the purest natural artesian spring water drawn from a well that is over 280 meters in depth. The spirit then undergoes a unique seven step distillation process to refine taste, polish quality and create a flawless finish. Whether shaken, stirred or poured over ice, Deluxe Vodka is the ultimate accompaniment to any alcoholic beverage.

Alex Finkelshteyn, Partner said, “The art of vodka distilling has been in our blood for over a century and Deluxe Vodka marks the pinnacle of our achievements. Through the use of a pure gold and rare crystals-infused filtering process we’re giving Americans the chance to indulge in a superlative vodka experience that redefines the concept of ‘top shelf’ spirits.”

Unlike other distillers which use conventional purifying techniques, Deluxe Vodka is filtered through double terminated quartz crystal filled columns. The liquid then passes through sorption filtering elements satiated with pure gold. The entire process is overseen by Minsk Kristall Distillery’s expert team of vodka visionaries. The upshot is a silky smooth taste and extraordinary clarity that puts Deluxe Vodka on par with the world’s finest spirits. Every sip reflects the meticulous distillation process and is the quintessential vodka choice for any discerning drinker.

Since 1893, the Minsk Kristall Distillery has been underpinned by a commitment to taste, tradition and quality. Russian brothers Yankel and Zelman Rakovschiks founded the distillery with just 20 employees and have gone on to create a vodka empire which employs over 800 workers and churns out 14 million cases of premium quality spirits each year. After 122 years in business the Belarusian distillery has long since crystallized its status as one of the oldest and most well respected vodka producers on the planet. Deluxe Vodka embodies the essence of Minsk Kristall Distillery’s artisan approach to alcohol and is set to emerge as a must have addition to any high end bar, saloon or liquor cabinet.

Adding to the liquor’s appeal is its high end packaging that compliments its luxurious origins. With its sleek lines, elegant logo and gold lettering a Deluxe Vodka bottle is a discerning addition to any top shelf.

Rich Bowen, VP of Marketing at Minsk Kristall Distillery said, “Deluxe Vodka isn’t just about the liquor, it’s about treating drinkers to a unique experience, from start to finish. That’s why we’ve embedded the product with unsurpassed luxury, from the precious metals and crystals of the filtering process to the stylish packaging.”

To find out more about Deluxe Vodka and the Minsk Kristall Distillery, visit the website at: http://deluxevodka.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deluxeoriginalvodka?fref=ts

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MNOHSXJDQWc

Instagram: http://instagram.com/deluxevodka

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