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Deluxe Vodka Extends Invitation to Distributors On The Search For Long-term Partnerships with Luxury Brands


DeLuxe VodkaDistributors looking to augment their lines with long-term, luxury products are invited to contact the marketing team at premium distiller, Deluxe Vodka. With the opportunity to draw on designated marketing funds, as well as secure generous terms, it’s a not to be missed venture for any discerning luxury retailer.

As Deluxe Vodka enters the start of the second financial quarter, company representatives are on the search for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with distributors that can help maximise market potential. As a luxury product with a focus on quality, the company is looking for distributors that share these core values and can help crystallise the product’s status as a top shelf necessity.

Rich Bowen, VP of Marketing said, “We’re a top shelf product and we’re looking for top shelf distributors to showcase our product to the nation. As well as a portfolio of industry contacts, we’ll be giving preference to distributors that share our passion for quality, luxury and exclusivity.”

Originating from the iconic Minsk Kristall Distillery, the spirit is underpinned by over a century of distillation mastery. Today, a team of over 800 employees turn the purest natural artesian spring water into the finest quality Russian vodka.  A seven step distillation process creates unrivalled purity while the gold sated, double terminated quartz crystal filled filter columns create a silky smooth finish that rivals the likes of the industry’s elite. For distributors wanting to offer their clients the crème de la crème of high end spirits, Deluxe Vodka is an absolute inventory essential.

Adding extra sparkle to a partnership with Deluxe Vodka is the opportunity for distributors to take advantage of marketing money contributions. For every new distributor that carries the product, Deluxe Vodka will invest marketing money towards developing and launching a bespoke marketing campaign. With vodka set to overtake whisky as Britain’s favourite tipple in the next two years, there is a lucrative, ready-made target audience guaranteed to respond to hard hitting marketing ploys.

[Rich Bowen added, “We are heavily invested in the long term growth of our company and understand that funding marketing campaigns through our distributors is a galvanising way of creating a buzz around our brand. That’s why we’re offering to self-fund marketing drives with all new distributors that take on Deluxe Vodka this quarter. It’s an incredible opportunity for distributors to add a new luxury product to their line, as well as snap up free marketing funds in the process.”

New distributors also enjoy incredibly generous terms. Depending on the account, Deluxe Vodka is offering rates of 30-60.

To find out more about Deluxe Vodka, the Minsk Kristall Distillery and how to become a certified distributor, visit the website at: http://deluxevodka.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/deluxeoriginalvodka?fref=ts

Instagram: http://instagram.com/deluxevodka


Manufactured in the Minsk Kristall Distillery, Deluxe Vodka is a luxury liquor filtered through pure gold and rare crystals. The vodka is produced using the purest natural artesian spring water and distilled seven times to create an exceptionally smooth taste.



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