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Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria Reduces Malolactic Fermentation Time and Improves Quality


Studies show that Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria is highly compatible and, combined with microoxygenation, improves wine quality in a shorter timeframe than micro-oxygenation alone.

Anchor Co-InoculantCape Town, South Africa. Recent research results have shown that Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria (previously known as Anchor NT 202 Co-Inoculant Bacteria), a mixed lactic acid bacteria starter culture (O. oeni x L. plantarum), is compatible not only with Anchor NT 202 yeast, but with a variety of other Oenobrands commercial yeast strains, such as Anchor Exotics SPH, Anchor NT 50, Anchor NT 116, Anchor WE 372, Anchor NT 112, Collection Cépage® Pinot, Collection Cépage® Cabernet, Collection Cépage® Merlot, Fermivin®, Fermirouge®, Fermicru® VR5 and Fermicru® XL.

The studies also investigated the use of micro-oxygenation (MOx) with Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria and its effect on wine quality. It was found that wines co-inoculated with Anchor CoInoculant Bacteria and treated with MOx completed both alcoholic and malolactic fermentation in only 12 days, compared to the 42 days required for sequential inoculation using MOx alone. The co-inoculated wines were also significantly more intense in colour.

In a controlled trial, wine produced using Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria and MOx treatment was preferred by 80% of the tasting panel. It was described as less vegetal, less lactic and lower in astringency and bitterness. Its aromas were judged fruitier and more intense, and the mouthfeel properties were also more pleasing.

Anchor Co-Inoculant Bacteria combined with MOx gives winemakers the ability to optimize flavour, increase colour intensity, improve mouthfeel and increase overall wine quality during the malolactic fermentation process. As this mixed culture has been specifically developed for co-inoculation, these qualities can be achieved in a shorter timeframe.

This is another ADVANCED WINEMAKING SOLUTION brought to you by OENOBRANDS.

About Oenobrands: Oenobrands designs and markets the oenological products of today and tomorrow. Its permanent innovation strategy allows the creation of solutions that provide an integrated answer for both the ambitions and desires of the winemakers, traders and consumers. It is with a strong belief in the future of the industry and dealing with the current changes that Oenobrands, supported by its world-renowned parent companies develops a range of oenological products including enzymes, yeast, yeast -derived products and bacteria. With a highly qualified team, expert in many fields, Oenobrands strives to offer winemakers novel and scientifically sound solutions, as well as to highlight the positive synergies between its products. Oenobrands distributes its brands Anchor, Fermicru, Fermivin, Fermichamp, Extraferm, Maxaferm, Claristar and Rapidase on the five continents through a specialized network. www.oenobrands.com

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