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AstraPouch introduces 750ml soft packaging solution

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Wineries can choose from pre-printed and label-ready options

AstraPouchesROCHESTER, NEW YORK; May 7, 2014: AstraPouch® announces the launch of the AstroPaq®750, the 750ml version of its proprietary plastic pouch, designed exclusively for wineries. The AstroPaq®750 is available pre-printed, where the entire pouch is printed with the winery’s artwork, or label-ready, where the winery uses its existing bottle label and applies it directly to the white pouch.

While other forms of alternative wine packaging exist, including bag-in-box, paper bottle, and cardboard carton, the AstroPaq® pouches hold distinct advantages over them, according to Dave Moynihan, President of AstraPouch®.  “Our pouches weigh less than the other options and they stay fresher longer. They’re also the only ones produced without the use of cardboard, meaning they don’t require separation before recycling.” The AstroPaq® pouches are Code 7 plastics, as classified by the Society of the Plastics Industry, which means they are acceptable for recycling in many municipalities. “Furthermore,” adds Moynihan, “printing on our material yields significantly better results aesthetically.”

The company has been providing soft-packaging solutions to the spirits industry since its inception in 2009; this product marks its deliberate and direct expansion into packaging for premium wineries, large and small. “There are more than 4 billion bottles of wine sold and consumed in the US each year,” says Erica Graham, Director of Finance and Operations at AstraPouch®. “Clearly, there’s a demand for a legitimate, eco-friendly and recyclable alternative to glass bottles. We’re excited to meet that demand.”

More information on the complete AstraPouch® product line is available on the company’s website at www.astrapouch.com. Label-ready AstroPaq®750 pouches can be purchased directly from the site; the pre-printed pouches can be ordered via phone (585.259.9202) or email (info@astrapouch.com).

  • Avalara
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