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Today’s consumers are used to buying everything online and expect the same for their beverage alcohol choices. [iStock]

Expert Editorial: 5 Myths About DTC Wine Shipping

Here are five arguments made against DTC that just don’t hold up under scrutiny. By Alex Koral   Americans spent more than $4 billion on DTC wine...
WineAmerica members visit Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. in 2019

WineAmerica: Managing the Business Climate for Wine

Editor’s note: Wine Industry Advisor is proud to welcome WineAmerica to its roster of regular contributors. Beginning with this article, the industry’s voice in...

Winemakers, Distributors Experiment with Supply Chain & Carbon-Shrinking Shortcuts

Whether shipping wine across the globe in giant bladders, or biking a bottle down the street, there’s likely a way to make the trip...

The Great Supply Chain Kerfuffle of 2021

Delays in deliveries are affecting viticulture and winemaking procedures, product launches, and limiting consumers' options during the peak of holiday wine-buying. —Jeff Siegel Brian Talley ordered...
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