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Scientists Develop Organic Cure for Pierce’s Disease

Testing continues, but new treatment meets approval of U.S. EPA and several state regulators. —Jeff Siegel Walk around certain vineyards, whether the well-renowned regions of California...

Napa Storytelling: Why So Serious? A Research Study

We all love a good story, and the wine business has long recognized the need of good stories to sell wine. Stories differentiate wineries in the stories plot, persona, and person.

Oak Research Continues to Yield New Precision Oenology Tools

The phenolic and aromatic compounds affecting wine profiles make up only 5-10% of untoasted oak, and those compounds can vary widely not just between...

Wine Market Council Accepting Applications for New $10,000 Research Grant to...

2015 research grant winner, Texas Tech University PhD Candidate Nicholas Johnston, will present findings on Millennials at the upcoming Wine Market Council Consumer Research...