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Wineries Ponder Staff Vaccinations and Reopening

Vineyard and winery production workers across the country labored through the pandemic, pruning and harvesting grapes, crushing and bottling wine...

5 Women Leaders Helping Wineries to Be Successful

The wine industry draws people passionate about their work, whether they are growing grapes, making wine or supporting those who do...

Kathleen Inman: Forging Strong Personal Connections and Staying Ahead of the...

When the pandemic was looming in February 2020, Kathleen Inman shared the concerns of winery owners around the globe that tasting room visitors and wine sales could fall...

Rania Zayyat: Fostering Change in the Wine Industry

Rania Zayyat is in the center of a whirlwind. Some of it she has created herself by setting big goals to help others...

Innovative CIO2 Mister Reduces Water Use in Tank Sanitization by 98%

California Soda Company has been manufacturing and distributing industrial cleaners and sanitizers for close to a century. Knowing a business well means you can see an opportunity for improvement that moves the industry forward...

Wave Technology Offers Ground-Breaking Tool for Cap Management and Precision Vinification

Managing the cap in red wine fermentation requires a blend of science and art to yield the finished wine's desired style. The winemaker’s decisions about breaking up and integrating the solid mass in the fermentor are the keys to delivering the correct color, precise mouthfeel and specific degree finish desired for that wine.

Growing Cannabis in Wine Country: The Shone Farm Project (Webinar)

In 2019, the Santa Rosa Junior College initiated a hemp cultivation project at Shone Farm to specifically identify the best agronomic practices for cultivating hemp and understand the potential terpene drift between hemp and wine grape vines. This session, led by Dr. George Sellu, Ph.D., will address these questions, provide an overview of the Shone Farm project and share his observations and insights on the agricultural impact of hemp farming in wine country.​​​​​​​

Energy Security for Wineries Facing Public Safety Power Shutoff

Energy Security for Wineries Facing Public Safety Power Shutoff: With Public Safety Power Shut Off (PSPS) now part of the fire season in Wine Country, power outages are “the reality we’re living with,” agrees Don Mortenson of Anderson Valley’s Roederer Estate...

Veteran Wine Marketers Lead Conversation on Wholesale Success

The fact that two marketers are moderating Wine Industry Network’s (WIN) 3-Tier Wine Symposium this year is not by chance. WIN launched the one-day conference in 2019 to help wine industry executives and owners view the challenges of selling via the wholesale channel through a new lens—one that opens their eyes to new opportunities.

Wine Industry Veteran Reflects on Wine Marketing Lessons in New Book

Eric Guerra is a wine marketer, heart and soul. He spent a little over a year at Kendall Jackson that shifted his focus from 10 plus years in software to the world of wine ...

John Hinman on the Consequences of Supreme Court Ruling on Nationwide...

Has the time come for small and medium wineries to move beyond the 3-tier distribution system? Should they build direct-to-retailer (DTR) networks across states just as they have developed direct-to-consumer businesses? That’s what attorney John Hinman of Hinman & Carmichael, LLP., an expert in beverage law, believes the recent Supreme Court ruling portends.

Wine’s Most Inspiring People 2020: Leading with the Future in Mind

As a third-generation descendant of an iconic Napa Valley wine family and the owner of the oldest winery in Napa Valley, Peter Mondavi, Jr. understands the difficulty of keeping a family-owned winery in family hands ...

Gathering the Sonoma Wine Industry After the Fires

The Kincade Fire struck the Geysers in northern Sonoma County two years and two weeks after the Tubbs fire started in Calistoga. The two fires were both blown southwest by high winds. While the Tubbs fire moved into populated Santa Rosa, the Kincade Fire threatened agricultural areas belonging to winegrowers and wineries.

Tactics and Techniques Designed to Drive Demand for Your Brand

Tactics and Techniques Designed to Drive Demand for Your Brand: The Wine Industry Network (WIN) 3-Tier Wine Symposium last May was designed to help small to midsize wineries understand how to succeed in today’s evolving wholesale channel.
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