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Testtoo.com Has Announced the Official Launch of Its Unique Taste Profile System with Instant Pairing of Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Montréal (Québec) – March 13, 2024 – Testtoo.com, an innovative web platform, has announced the official launch of its unique taste profile system with instant pairing of suitable alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. It guides people to understand their personal preferences in wines and spirits through simple, fun, and relevant tests.

Thanks to short and dynamic questions, the Testtoo Cyber Sommelier understands a consumer’s taste preferences, associates them with a trend, and suggests suitable products. The company is launching with its first product category: wine.

“We worked with experts in the fields of sensory identification and consumer behaviour and combined their know-how with technology to develop a proprietary system where food and wine enthusiasts can discover new products by answering a few simple questions,” said Michel Levac, President of Testtoo.com.

He continued: “The Testtoo.com platform is a fun and user-friendly system that enables beginners and connoisseurs alike to discover and explore new wines and connect with friends within Testtoo to find products that suit a group of profiles. We’re currently running pilot projects in the wine product category with a renowned grocery banner in the Greater Montreal Area, both chain and independent restaurants in Quebec and France with the support of wine promotional agents across Canada.”

Guénaël Revel (known in the wine industry as Monsieur Bulles), partner of Testtoo.com, added: “Detecting and integrating taste and cultural profiles to offer the best wines to customers has been one of my passions for more than 30 years. The wine does not mean the most expensive wine but rather one that best matches a consumer’s taste profile. Sommeliers help wine lovers find the perfect pairing, Testtoo helps wine lovers find the right wines for them. In fact, Testtoo complements the skills of the sommelier since it is a platform created specifically to unravel the complexity of taste profiles in a fun and simple way.”

The company is already working on releasing future food and beverage product categories, including coffee, specialty beverages, and olive oil to name a few.

About Testtoo.com

Testtoo.com is an innovative and free web-based platform that’s unique methodology guides users to discover their taste profiles through a game-like series of simple and fun questions. Through the short, dynamic questionnaire Testtoo understands a consumer’s taste preferences, matches them to a profile and suggests corresponding products. The company has launched its first product category – wine.

Learn more about Testtoo by visiting www.Testtoo.com