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The Spanish Wine Academy Celebrates Ramón Bilbao’s 100th Anniversary with a US Competition 


Wine aficionados can officially register to participate in the Spanish Wine Master Competition x 100 Years edition in the United States from January 15th to March 15th, 2024 

New York, NY January 31, 2023 The Spanish Wine Academy, a project created and driven by Ramón Bilbao to bring the world closer to Spanish wine, is proud to announce the bi-annual Spanish Wine Master competition is coming to the United States for the first time to honor Ramón Bilbao’s 100th anniversary. As of January 15th, 2024 participants can register to participate in the special competition to win the grand cash prize of $5,000 USD, official title of US Spanish Wine Master and invitation to join the grand finale in Rioja this fall for an additional prize. 

“We are thrilled to delve into the world of Spanish wine with sommeliers, wine lovers, industry experts and enologists based in the United States,” says Chief Winemaker of Ramón Bilbao, Rodolfo Bastida. “We have curated this extraordinary edition of the competition to honor our wineries’ 100th anniversary with special guest judges, competitive tests and an incentivising cash prize to whomever can prove they are the ultimate Spanish Wine Master.” 

The Spanish Wine Master x 100 Years competition is open to Spanish wine enthusiasts, educators and advocates interested in showcasing their expertise and tasting skills, while redefining the way we understand and experience wine. Whether you work in a winery or restaurant, are a sommelier, winemaker or wine lover, or even work in distribution or wine education, anyone is welcome to participate for a chance to claim the title of first Spanish Wine Master in the United States. 

Stage 1: Registration (sign up here) 

Individuals who are legal residents of the United States, above the legal drinking age of 21+ and have a valid passport through the end of the year are allowed to enter. Participants must take a one-time online timed test consisting of 50 questions about geography, history of wine, grape varieties, winemaking and tasting notes where they will have to guess the style of the wines described. The test can be completed at any point during the registration period open from January 15th until March 15th 2024. Participants may register one day and complete the test on a different day during the registration period, however, they cannot leave the website once the online test is live. Only the top 30 participants will advance on to the semifinal for the chance to compete for the title of Spanish Wine Master. 

Stage 2: Semi-final 

On April 15th, the top 30 semi-finalists will face off in two intense challenges during a

hybrid-format live stream event: a blind tasting and a fast-paced test of visual dexterity. The semi-finalists will be mailed a kit containing samples of wines which they will be instructed to save until the date of the competition. The tasting portion of this phase will last one hour and the participants will be asked to taste the wine samples that they received and answer questions relating to the organoleptic analysis, region, grape variety, soils, climate, or geography. The second section of the semifinal will test participants’ knowledge through a one hour interactive screen multiple choice test based on Spanish wine culture, history, geography or grape varieties. The announcement of the 10 finalists who will move onto the grand finale will be made live at the end of the semi-final. 

Stage 3: Final 

This final stage of the competition will take place in-person in New York City on May 16th, 2024. The final will consist of a series of 3 rounds, where the finalists will be asked to blind taste several wines as well as answer questions relating to the following topics: explain the taste profile of a wine, region, variety, geography, history and culture. The exact rounds will be revealed during the final event in front of a grand jury of renowned industry experts. The tastings as well as the questions will be graded on a points system according to the answers that the judges give for the same questions. 

Stage 4: The Winner 

The finalist who receives the most points at the end of the 3 rounds will be awarded the grand cash prize of $5,000 USD and crowned as the first US based Spanish Wine Master. The US winner, along with five other winners from participating countries, (UK, Spain, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Mexico) will be invited to participate in the grand finale in Rioja during the fall of 2024 for an additional prize that will be announced following the semi-final stage of the competition. 

Ramón Bilbao took a leadership role in becoming the global advocate for Spanish wines by designing the Spanish Wine Master competition and online academy to share everything there is to know about Spanish wine. This year, Ramón Bilbao founded in Haro, Rioja in 1924 is celebrating an impressive milestone of its 100th year anniversary. The Spanish Wine Master competition x 100 years is one of many activities organized by Zamora Company around the globe to recognize the evolution and success of Spanish wines. 

For more information on how to register and participate in the Spanish Wine Master Competition x 100 Years in the United States, please visit the official event page or contact Ali Pinedo (apinedo@colangelopr.com).

About the Spanish Wine Academy 

The Spanish Wine Academy is a project created and driven by Ramón Bilbao to bring the world closer to Spanish wine–from wine aficionados to newcomers alike– through training, promotions and education. The Spanish Wine Academy has brought together different experts and specialists who help share a holistic vision and multidisciplinary on viticulture in Spain through the different D.O.s and indigenous varieties that make up the region, as well as the traditions and winemaking methods that make Spain one of the largest and most prestigious wine regions in the world. The Spanish Wine Master is a biannual event and competition created to educate and challenge the knowledge professionals hold in the wines of Spain. 

About Ramón Bilbao 

Founded in 1924, Ramón Bilbao is globally recognized as one of the most prestigious wineries in Rioja and Rueda. Ramón Bilbao has spanned a century of landscapes and vineyards, new ideas and key milestones in the history of Spanish wine. Driven by its insatiable curiosity and the future vision of a bold and non-conformist project, it continues to explore, innovate and break new ground after 100 years of history. Ramón Bilbao has managed to update tradition and highlight the value of origin and territory, looking to the future with wines of greater purity, and sense of place, with the utmost respect for the land. Ramón Bilbao looks to the future with an open, innovative and, above all, curious spirit to offer an even more complete and enriching wine experience, surpassing itself in a unique journey of search for excellence and discovery through wine. 

About Zamora Company 

A family business passionate about what they do and proud of how they do it. Owners of our destiny and responsible for our decisions and results. Creators and distributors of premium wines and spirits. From its Spanish origin, it is today one of the worldwide leading companies in the sector, with a portfolio of more than 15 brands operating in more than 80 countries.



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