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Vinoshipper Releases 2nd Annual Craft Wine Direct Sales Report


Vinoshipper, the nation’s largest Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) wine shipping platform with more than 3,000 clients, released its second annual report today that shows a unique and optimistic perspective on direct sales across 47 states.

February 1st – “Last year was pivotal for the American Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) wine market, with a growing number of producers coming into the direct shipping market which supports the continued expansion of direct sales,” said Vinoshipper CEO, Steven Harrison. “While some traditional markets show signs of contraction, the smaller craft producers are resilient and innovative by using a modern technology platform like ours.”

The range of data in the report includes micro to small wine and mead producers, and represents nationwide craft alcohol direct to consumer sales. The statistics are based on actual transactions and are not projections or surveyed opinion.

More details include:

This report offers insights into the American DTC wine market, serving both as a historical account and a strategy guide.

In 2023, wineries shipped to an average of 13 states, with individual state averages ranging from 6 to 23.

There was a noticeable trend of increasing average order discounts, hinting at a strategy to boost larger purchases through discounts.

Orders outside of wine clubs consistently showed a higher average order value (AOV) than club orders, suggesting an opportunity for producers to enhance their club offerings or develop more exclusive tiers to match rising customer spending habits.

Customized club orders typically included 1-2 more units than standard club orders.

There was a 6.37% increase in overall average order values in 2023, despite no change in the average number of units per order.

There continues to be a shift towards premium products, witnessed by an uptick in spending for higher-priced wines.

The sparkling white wine category saw remarkable growth, with a sales value increase of 26% and a 5% increase in liters sold.

Read the entire 22 page report here.

About Vinoshipper

Vinoshipper is the number one platform for alcohol producers looking to expand their direct sales. Its compliance engine has been backing wineries, cideries, meaderies, distilleries, and brewers, since 2006, by offering a fully compliant online store, point-of-sale, club management, and UPS integration.



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