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Sealing Success: Herti USA Delivers Customizable Aluminum Closures


As consumer acceptance has grown, more wineries are using aluminum closures on bottles of still wine. The list of benefits goes beyond consumer preferences to their effectiveness in preventing cork taint and other contamination and their superior ability to preserve wine flavors and other organoleptic qualities.

Herti is a leading manufacturer of aluminum and composite closures, producing two billion closures a year. The company has a comprehensive range of aluminum screw caps for wine, spirits, olive oil, water, and non-alcoholic and other beverages. It also offers composite closures that combine an aluminum body with a plastic insert, such as a plastic thread.

Wide Variety of Options

With over 40 sizes, customers can choose from 17mm to 43mm diameters in 6mm to 12mm heights to use with bottles as small as 50ml and as large as a gallon (4.54 l). They can also request almost any dimension, customize with offset printing on the top and side of the closure, choose a matte, semi-matte, or glossy finish, and emboss or hot foil stamp the top.

“We offer personalized colors on the side of the closure,” says Radi Necheva, the head of the company’s California office and warehouse. “As the producer, we are able to meet the needs of our customers with flexibility in color choice.”

Herti produces and sells its closures directly to Necheva’s wine industry clientele, allowing her to provide personalized customer service, competitive prices, and on-time delivery. She is backed by a team of designers who help customers create innovative closure designs with decorative options that convey each brand’s unique image.

Keeping the Planet Green

A recent lifecycle assessment study revealed that recycled aluminum uses 95% less energy compared to producing primary material. That’s why one-third of the aluminum Herti uses in its production process is recycled.

In addition, Herti recently invested in an innovative new technology, the Mailänder 280 by Koenig & Bauer, to increase the print quality of decorative features while reducing its environmental footprint. The new line takes up less space on the factory floor and utilizes UV-LED drying, which consumes no natural gas and less electricity while eliminating CO(2), ozone, and heat emissions. UV-LED drying also offers other advantages over traditional methods ― the cure is cooler and cleaner, the output is faster and more consistent, and the printing line is more efficient.

The advantages of ease of use, higher sustainability, and effectiveness as barriers to degradation and contamination that deliver a steady shelf life and safe storage promise continued growth for aluminum closures. Herti offers a broad array of color choices and flexibility in printing options to give designers ample room to create wine packaging that communicates the brand’s quality and uniqueness.

Learn more about Herti’s aluminum and composite closures at Unified Booth #1740.

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